Hilton Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

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Voted Thailand’s Best Hotel by International Hotel Awards 2013-14, and winner of World Luxury Hotels Award 2012, this awarded Hilton Hotel at the Thai beach resort of Pattaya. Conveniently located at beachside – a tour of the hotel, from street level, infiniti pool on level 16, seaview room on level 21 and the rooftop Horizon bar on level 34 with great views of the Gulf of Thailand.


iBlockKnockDie says:

A suck hotel
Wifi not free
In card
"Free Wifi" BUT
300 THB

Kalpesh Joshi says:

How much cost night

ThuThuy Tran says:

that swimming pool is so cool

Christopher King says:

Hi we like you stuff a lot you do it all so well. From Chris&kitty . From Liverpool England.

Liu yi says:

It's cool, thank you for sharing your feeling. Well done.

itsonlycapnkirk says:

where was that hotel again ? lol

Sm Rizwan says:

MrKesavaraj very nice video i got a lot of info about Hilton pattaya i must stay here thanks

Gurdat Singh says:

what's the price of hotel room.

Akatsukimember7878 says:

My Hotel was right next to it. Was weird to see the Hilton Hotel and the mall. I remember being in Pataya were they was just building both. Damn, I really wanna go again x(

Garrincha 'This one time in Thailand' says:

Great vlog. Simple, informative and clean. I am still deciding between the Hilton and Siam@Siam as there are a few advantages for both. I may have to spend a week at both to finally decide where I want to stay. 🙂

Nightmare Tattoos says:

great detail thks

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