“Hey Sexy Man” Pattaya Thailand Song – Fallang Blues – Detlef ”Dett’l” Heise

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From “Fallang Blues” CD; Artist: Detlef “Dett’l” Heise. Lyrics BELOW:

Hey, hey, hey sexy man,
Come inside,
Sit down, by me
Where you come from?
What’s your name?
Scheissegal for me.
Oh my darling,
Oh my tilak [Thai for “Darling”]
I love you so much.
Give me money,
Give me motorbike,
And an auto dazu.
Give me thaigold,
[Usually 23k gold and weighed in Baht (1/2 troy oz)]
Buy a house for me,
Give me alls, what I want.
Oh, oh my brother,
Have an accident,
Him need money,
From you.
And my mother,
Stay in hospital,
She need money, all to do.
Everybody, for my family,
Need alls from you.
And later, if you pleite [German for “Broke”],
Oh darling, go back home.
And no money, no honey,
Hey, hey, hey tilak, bye, bye.
Oh tilak, I love you,
Send me money,
From you home.

Full CD song titles:

01. He sexy man
02. Das pattaya lied
03. Amazing thailand-snowfire
04. Das thailand lied
05. Das phuket lied
06. Das koh samui lied
07. Das bangkok lied
08. Fallang blues (wie track 01)

Produced by: First Future Business Co.LTD Chonburi, Thailand 20020

The singer is a German; his name is Dett’l
He lives in Pattaya.
He produces all his songs by his own at a recording studio.
He plays the instruments and he does the singing.
Fallang Blues in English would be Farang (Thai: ฝรั่ง) Blues



tugaxD23 says:

Resuming and concluding, this song actually means in short words:
Fill a thai girl’s arse with notes of 500 baht and she will do whatever you

Jose The Destroyer says:

That is one of the weirdest album covers out there. 

jpalan says:

And the only remaining question is, where the hell can I buy this record?!

Walter Rutkowski says:

Hey, bubba, if you are looking for a copy of the disc with pattya’s theme
song for the walking streets….You will have to travel to Pattya and buy
it from a retailer in pattaya city ! OR IF YOU HAVE A COMPUTER SAVY FRIEND

King Champ ferristi says:

yeeeaaahhhhh weed sound!!!

superdeanrock says:

all fallang beware the thai girl ,she eat you up great song so true .


beste thailand lied 😀

Jack Itin says:

I Love this song.I write a Blog about living in Thailand and the Dangers of
Thai Ladies.This Guy has managed to include pretty much all the things I
write about in a Song!! FANTASTIC!! My Blog is called

Andreas Bohe says:

So True:-)

lukomorr says:

Yoll bessmelley rahmany rahim Allakhu akbar !!!!!

Alois Hoerhager says:

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