Harry’s Hotel in Pattaya — $15 Include Breakfast With Girls

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This is Harry’s Hotel and Guesthouse on Soi Diana very near Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhow. This is also a restaurant/bar downstairs with friendly staff to serve as your waiter and bartender. The restaurant has a pool table and a nice view of the street. The hotel rooms range from 400 baht for the smallest to 700 baht for the biggest. Perhaps you can get it cheaper if you book at Agoda online.

The rooms include cable TV, free wifi, free breakfast (American breakfast with coffee). The beds are on the soft side and there is hot water and a safety deposit box.

I think this place is a pretty good deal considering the location and the free breakfast which is a 100 baht value.

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Unconforming Truther says:

I owe myself a visit

Kevy Kev says:

This place is really nice if like the vibe here 700 is like £18 I think

al magdic says:

this a low season prices i think or?cheers

Enter the future 2025 says:

So the bar makes money in two different ways .

Ash Pangster says:

Hey can you do a review of the hotel Sawasdee Pattaya that's right across the street from harry's. They have a big banner outside stating 3000 baht for week and buffet breakfast for 99 baht.

Texas Built says:

Why are you speaking like a fucking retarded farang right off the plane?

Ralph Picc says:

What's their bar girl policy? You need to pay extra?

David Schalit says:

Didn't show the bathroom.

wayne thompson says:

ive stayed in this hotel,the day time staff are so ignorant its unbeleiveble,the lady showing room is the bosses wife,shes fine but she don't like you going other bars drink trust me,the breakfast is two small rash bacon a sausage and about 8 beans in a dish, I not joke,the beds are rock hard mattress I had to buy a topper of street vender,take a lok at your pillows inside they will be stained badly, I told tobbe one of the bosses but nothing done,trust me theres better hotels around, the beer prices in the bare are sweedish prise is sameguel light 85 bht

Ny Chan says:

Harry's seems good price . Was a month cheaper at all . Cheers

chevy6166 says:

Just like to say I love your reviews on Hotels but would like to know more about noise at night at these locations as last time I stayed in a hotel like this it was too noisy I left and found a quieter hotel.

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