Green Papaya Salad Recipe (Som Tum) ส้มตำไทย – Hot Thai Kitchen!

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Here is a new and improved recipe for the famous northeastern Thai salad! This time around, I provide you with lots of tricks, rips, and explanations to make sure you can really master this classic, delicious salad. For my health-conscious fans, this is also a very healthy salad, so I can really let myself indulge without having to hold back! Serve it with some sticky rice, and try changing up the vegetables because in Thailand we make hundreds of variations on this salad! Note also that it is gluten-free and essentially fat-free, minus a little bit in the peanuts and dried shrimp. Enjoy!

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Kathryn Surathu says:

Great recipe and explanations! I used it as inspiration for a vegetarian version. A little lemon pickle (Indian pickle) took the place of the pickled crabs and gave complexity + acidity + some salt and heat. Delicious!

Kim Nguyen says:

There's a papaya salad version with beef jerky like meat in it. Do you have the recipe for that?

iamziano says:

I like this version than the one with crabs XD

casavia indriyani says:

the moment you chop the papaya with the big knife, it changes my entire life. I can julienne the papaya better than anyone in my house now. Thanks Pai! Love from Indonesia.

eliza bill says:

How will you prepare the sauce without mortar

xbowmanx says:


ngọc Nguyễn says:


Mike Radford says:

Pai… where do I start.. fantastic recipe
I absolutely love your channel, I also watch Mark Weins who I find very informative, but here's where you win hands down!
It's great watching him quaff down immense amounts of food, introducing us to such a wide variety of Thai cuisine, he must have hollow legs or something, the guy loves everything he eats with such a passion, in fact I think he could eat the plate & give the famous side-ways head movement with the eye roll!!
But with you we get to see how it's made along with the tasting session at the end…
I'm a "Brit" living in Thailand and obviously eat in many street restaurants or buy from street vendors, but I don't get to see or have it clearly explained how it's actually made, along with your personal tips.
I love Thai food so if I find a great dish that I would like to make at home… that's where you win !!!

P.S I did your "fried chicken in sweet chilli lime" blew my socks off" I'm addicted to that as much as your videos
Pai.. keep it coming and don't ever think of retiring!!

Gameday Schameday says:

I’m from Malaysia but never been to thailand..i had the best som tum in Langkawi because it is close to the border..many thais have stalls there..really delicious..

Rex Rex says:

namnam sooooo gut;)

Maggie Baidoo says:

Your moter is nice i need

Maggie Baidoo says:

You don't use onion in your f when you make a food?

jerry collado says:

wooow nice to eat that recipe,its so super hot like it, tnz n god bless

Vilma Martinez says:

I’m salivating too. Lol

Jay Palanisamy says:

I like this but I love the Mango version 🙂 My favorite and must have dish when I'm in Thailand or Thai Restaurant 🙂 Pai You're Awesome and I am loving all your videos & recipes. Thai Iced Tea was brilliant cause i tried to do it myself many times with the same tea brand you used, but guess what, i didnt use condensed milk and that pinch of salt! Cant wait to get back to Malaysia next week and I'm so gonna try that Thai Iced Tea just the way you showed us all 🙂

Alynna Pamela Soloveres says:

what if I dont have any palm sugar? can I use granulated brown sugar instead?

vanscoyoc says:

If she wants 10M subscribers, she just needs to wear a bikini for all the videos.

Ayşe Sarıkavak says:

I have learned so much from your videos. I am a vegan and I ate a bamboo salad in a friends restaurant. It was not on the menu so I am not sure how it's called. It would be great if u made a video with the recipe

jam kop says:

Don't listnen to this girl, she makes fun of Thai product descriptions and uses non Thai fish sauce, no thank you.

Diego Serrano says:

Im wondering the flavor of green papaya. Could it be the same flavor like red papaya?

Gretings from Mexico. We like your food a lot.

amor Soriano says:

Hi pailin.I have seen this video just tonight.though I have seen lot's of people eating green papaya salad and I wonder what it taste like. Thank you for this video.I'll try this recipe tomorrow… I'm now one of your subscribers. Thank you and God bless!

rina2012ful says:

Hehe…"add another weapon"

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