Grad Trip 2015 – Koh Samui

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Grad trip/senior trip to Koh Samui, June 2015 – Everything recorded on my iPhone 5s

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Master Freezer says:

Wow Singaporean girls are so cute!!

Leonardo Nais says:

this is a piece of shit..not Thailand

bernardo jimenez says:

asian girls r very cute on this clip

spiros strag says:

witch place did you stayed at ko samui??

Wayan Darmstadt says:

wonderful video i have been to koh samui 8 times never get tired of samui

zuRiko says:

Crazy vid! Where did you stay whats the name of this Villa you rented? Im going there with friends in december. What did you like the most? love <3

Daniel Wright says:

Good to see you all having such a good time in our villa.

Sunday says:

excuse me, what the first song ?

Join VTrippers says:

Hey there, we love your video and would love to display it on our travel website

Do you mind?

Joseph S. Restivo says:

Great Video and Very Well Done! Where are you all from?

xotcaller says:

nice vid. wat vid editor did u use?

Dadan Ramdani says:

Awesome… I like the video. what is the title of the song the dj

polifatts says:

wow you guys went all the way to Thailand just to party and stay in the most unauthentic touristy place ever.. You could have saved alot of time and money and just gone to Mexico or something lol. Thailand is one of the most incredible places in the world, theres so much more it has to offer.

S. Bhaddharaja says:

thailand . thank you for your trip.

Ryan Wilson says:

Awesome video Javana! I randomly stumbled upon your channel because I just uploaded my own world travels video. It looks like you had tons of fun! Great work filming & editing! I just recently started making travel videos about a month ago while traveling Europe. I know all the hard work that goes into it! Your videos great! Have a good day! You just earned yourself a new subscriber!

Brian Hou says:

Which night clubs were those?

Brian Hou says:

Very nice! Best Samui video out there so far!

moQQe says:

awesome video! also wonder what name of the villa thx for info 🙂

Velimir Stesevic says:

cool vid guys,whats the name of the villa? it looks beutiful

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