Gordon Eats Thai Spicy Sausage – Gordon Ramsay

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From season 2 of Gordon’s Great Escape. For the second series, Gordon goes back on the road doing what he loves most: searching out the best food in the world and testing himself in extreme and demanding situations. This time he’s not just taking on one country, his appetite for adventure will take him through four of South East Asia’s most exciting culinary destinations: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In this clip Gordon learns how to make a Thaispicy sausage

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SidneykYTradamaN says:

I thought that's when you have unprotected sex with a local?

Parody Jake says:

0:52 sounds like “Pha rah” which means fish sauce in Thai

Bruce Wayne says:

Did anyone else read the title as; 'Gordon Eats That Spicy Sausage'?

Dragon Knight says:

Me first time watching him :….. I thought he's voice was more deep but his voice is good

Damn Slam says:

Keeping recipes hidden is a disgrace to the culinary art. Food is meant to be shared

Tristan Sabado says:

Sausasge queen (insert lenny here)

Moraco Mole says:

Thai sausage queen, hmmm……

Cheilith says:

Gordon can eat my sausage any day 😉

Akarapong Boonrat says:

my favo sausage in the world… i swear its gud

Pae167 says:

I am actually Thai

ermitanyo hermit says:

Gordon owns michelin star restaurants, yeah he rather sell spicy sausage than running his restaurants

Trip DWF says:

Gordon life in a nutshell
In a high-tech restaurent : FUCK OFF FUCK YOU
In a low-grade shop :
it taste so good

Glenn Quagmire says:


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