Gold Coast to Koh Samui | Thailand Vlog Part 1

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Travelling to Koh Samui + Whats in my suitcase + Jake and i try Durian! Thankyou so much for watching! Make sure to like and subscribe! xx
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isabella river says:

omg edyn HAHAHA i think it's because the season for the best durians are over?? don't feel discouraged, they really are amazing, but much better in june to september :")

GRADE 12 Da Vinci - Bellissima Manuel says:

If you guys go to pattaya it's about a 1 hour flight from there. Stay at the royal cliff hotel and from pattaya I think it's a 2 hour drive to Bangkok. There's like a good cheap car service kinda like a cab but takes you bkk. Pattaya had lots of vegan options and the floating boat market was awesome. Have fun! You guys are goals ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jacqui Rose says:

DONT PACK U TECHNOLOGY IN WITH YOUR SUITCASE! Pease take it on the plane with you!


haha watching you both try durian is the funniest thing

Claire Jo says:

"We'll fit in the shower"

Patricia Clark says:

where did you get your crop top your wearing at the end of the video from? 🙂

Christy Lovasz says:

omg miss thailand soo much!!i snuck durian into my hotel in thailand too and the whole apartment smelt was so funny 😂 and me and my friend ran with the durian in the bag and found some random bin outside too 😂

Silje Lande says:

giving me major flashbacks!! i went to koh samui this summer and its so lovely there:)

lillian c says:

can u please go to nongkhai or any state in the north east the food is so good ilysm😙😙😙

Derek Bratzke says:

yall dont look broke up no more lol

Cryptic Results says:

GREAT VIDEO, keep em coming 🤘

Carbs Are Happiness says:

Your reaction to finding that massive fruit market is exactly mine when I see a giant selection of fruit!! PARADISE!! 😀

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