Ghost Passengers at Phuket International Airport Gate 206

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This video was captured at Phuket International Airport Gate 206 in Thailand a few days ago.


Manuel Pogba fake von Paul Pogba says:

Wer kommt von CPP ?

René' Cruz says:

👽👾🚀Wonder Woman's invisible airplane! m/

Faizul Othman says:

where's the plane?!

Ghetto Lisa says:

bitch bye!!!

Mr-FFF-55 says:

They're from a parallel universe colliding with ours.

shana beg says:

The passengers are walking to fast to be human ..

Linda Lovehate says:

Now That's Creepy! !!!!!!!

Ross Withers says:

LMFAO why do people go for the "WOO" before the sensible, on another page the answer has already been posted… the wrong gate was opened they all queued down the bottom, when they realised they all ran off to the right gate.. but no I suppose "ghosts" makes more sense… rolls eyes

Josef Szentjobi says:

So What ?!?, they exited an invisible interdimensional spacecraft, lol.

Mr Swayze says:

What The Hell…?

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