Garlic Vegetable Stir-fry: In the Kitchen with Maile

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Easy to make Garlic stir-fried Vegetables, Maile style!

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faisal alkandari says:

Very delicious 😋

matetz Sulleza says:

I wonder if longbeans is cooked properly

Colleen Glyde says:

Judging from the loud crunching noise, she made when tasting the dish, methinks there is a lot of undercooked vegetables, in that dish, Half raw vegetables mixed with cooked vegetables, is not exactly appealing, she could at the very least added a small amount of water, placed the wok lid on & steamed it for a short while, just to ensure that everything was cooked,even if if yu do want to hv a slight crunch, to the finished dish, according to yr taste.

joe khan says:

can i use palm sugar instead. is it healthier than the granulated sugar.

Miguel Garcés says:

This girl is really sexy

Francis Ray V. says:

Came here because some guy told me here i should eat more vegetables less dairy for better face and less acne

Native_Beats _2016 says:

I found an amazing alternative to life. It's called a deer rifle

james schaffhausen says:

Great meal for my kids. Sweetie. thanks. 😇💕👍🍽👭

Dani Mark says:

You lost me when you put the cabbage first… bye!

GrandChallenge says:

Why sugar in vegetables?

Franky Giuffrida says:

may i have the recipe to the cake on your face?

ClutterCleaningMomma - Weekly Cleaning! says:

Mine turned out bad had to add water just to cook them even a little

Vikotnick says:

She has to say "Tofu, yumm". Hahaha

Bina Sheikh says:

No written recipe?

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