Furious World Tour | Thailand Street Food, 11lb GIANT Noodle, FLOATING Market, Railway Market & More

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New Furious World Tour Episode! Back to Thailand for this Food Tour. Floating markets full of amazing Thai foods, Thai street foods and the crazy Maeklong railway market (a train goes through!)! Travel to Chang Mai 11lb Giant Noodle / Pho Challenge, & GIANT SHRIMP! | SUB http://bit.ly/Sub2FuriousPete

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Anela Gray says:

I love how real you are! If you don't like it, you say it! Subscribing!

MaRius9991 says:

Insane video production,this guy actually deserves a lot more views…

Thitichaya Gositanon says:

I am Thai I haven’t been their before and I must visit sometime.

what the Fuk says:


R3tr0humppa says:

Subtitle ending "And now he flexes on all the noobs". Glorious.. ;P

BluntForceTrauma ss says:

So their culture they wear condoms on their head 🙁

iskender ryskulov says:

20:31 best "Nha-ha" moment ever.

Alex Greenough says:

This is really well edited and filmed compared to the earlier ones!

Toni O'Brien says:

are you still in thailand i will maybe meet you in thailand

Toni O'Brien says:

what your in thailand im from thailand im going this year i was born in thailand

Sun Sense says:

Yayy great to see you back and well Pete!!

Sorrakai Boontem says:

ิอร่อยเลิศ im from thai

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