Furious World Tour | Bangkok, Thailand – World’s Biggest Restaurant, Fried Bugs in Full HD w/ SUB

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This is from my trip to Bangkok, Thailand 4 years ago. It has been uploaded in Full HD and with Subtitles. I hope you enjoy the episode 🙂

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Cooljo1 says:

I like to bang cock.

queen of de queens says:

No I don't need your bag wtf Pete bro show some respect

ปกิตตา แสงแก้ว says:


ปกิตตา แสงแก้ว says:


Apple Pie says:

Lol using the extreme food eating process/talent every where😂😂🤣

Ghoskull War says:

0:44 OMG…what kind of turbo that vehicle use it?

King Kilmer says:

Stupid white boy

Denny Mk says:

Furious Pete as Johnny Bravo in the Fried Bugs episode 😀

Fatimah says:

You're wearing a PETA shirt when you eat factory farmed meat and dairy….that's really inappropriate.

NoHaxJustNathan 0128 says:

Pete you’re so mean you just took his corn😂

Vaios Zverkos says:

You litterally are full of shit Pete

TangyGG GAMEZ says:

I am from Thailand and the bugs are DELICIOUS

Cross Game says:

How was my country

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