FUNNY Learning Speaking Thai (Restaurant Scene)

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Farang speaking Thai for the first time!!

I got the Thailand Lonely Planet guide book for Christmas, so I thought I would try to speak some of the words it has inside the book.

This video focuses on the restaurant and words and phrases you might use there.

This video is purely for fun and entertainment only.





ยามีละห์ เจ๊ะอาลี says:


Aum Punnathon says:

That girl she so cute 🤣🤣🤣 I like her 💕

Fanddy foxyc says:

En: 2:06 i hear polish "czuwaj dawaj" In English "watch me"xD Pl:2:06 czy tylko ja słyszę czuwaj dawaj xD

Midnight Foxy says:

ur so grrrrrrrrreat

Kunya Ong says:

…plaaaaa…long sound..//… pla..not short sound

chonlasit Sukkasem says:

You speak thai ?

vili Jet gt says:

Little bit thai Fish And the hello is good chilli is good too im thailand คา

Sky Patthadon says:


หลบไป จะไปซื้อน้ําปลา says:

It so funny 😂

MasterzKilLz TV says:


រឿងអត់ស្តេច says:

I like it so much

Salvatore Nastasi says:

that happened to me so many times. feeling like really I need a doctor for how spicy it was.

Sol Bri says:


Sky Patthadon says:


lovely log channel Emily says:

demarg ดีมากเลยค่ะ

Line Happy says:

OMG !! ! ผมชอบคุณมากสนุกมากคลิปของคุณ
are you crazy?
i like you #Kiptupp

bp za says:

ผมได้ยินคำว่าขอโทษเป็น "ขอตด" อ่า 55555555+

test channel says:

i do not understand a thing you say and thai is my first language

Tina Lopez says:

Not preek buk peek

Tina Lopez says:

It's not blaa its baa

Tina Lopez says:

I am Thai and I luagh so hard

อามูโร่ เรย์ says:

home sweet. home. Thai. game

อามูโร่ เรย์ says:

ชอบคนนี้ ตลกดี

tharathep thawipat says:

woww สุดยอดมาก hahaha

TheNiwx_49 says:

very well. Im Thai people.

Katelyn-Chan says:

Your Thai is VERY GOOD.Better than any youtubers I watched that tried speaking Thai lol. (If you didn't know I am Thai )

นายธนาวุฒิ ทองเดล็ด says:


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