From Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus

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Bangkok Airport to Pattaya by Bus Walkthrough – 130 baht – 2015

A step-by-step walkthrough of how to go from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya using the cheap no. 389 bus. Travel time is approximately 2 hours. Buses leave hourly from 07,00 to 22,00. This works out much cheaper than a private taxi and is almost as fast and probably more comfortable.

04 April 2015
Price: 130 baht

Note: On this day of travel there was some bad highway traffic which affected the journey time. The price is variable due to competition with other forms of transport. The last 2 daily departures stop only near Pattaya North Bus Station.

In the video the price of the motorbike taxi ride to Walking Street was 50 baht for the 2km journey from the last stop.

Baht Buses are 10 to 20 baht for ones running in your direction. Otherwise, the waiting baht buses can be negotiated at a price, buddy up with fellow travellers to cut the cost if possible. Overall verdict: The bus taken was very comfortable with good air conditioning. The sign at the counter was 17,00 for the next bus but I was put on the 16,00 probably because I had no bags. The bus does drop Thai people off early which can eat into the journey time, but hey what do you expect from a cheap bus. As for the Pattaya drop off points be sure which one you need and get ready early, the staff will help you get your bag out of the main compartment.

4:22 pause here to check the Pattaya drop off points clearly on the map.

View in HD for Better Quality.

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More info from their website (unedited by bangkok 112):

Departure location: At “Pattaya” counter on Level 1 at Gate no. 8

Drop-off location: There are a few drop-off points on Sukhumvit road in Pattaya city for your convenience: North Pattaya Intersection, Central Pattaya Intersection, South Pattaya Intersection and a corner of Thepprasit road next to Outlet Mall. Then the bus will go straight to our office on Thappraya road.

Travelling Time: Bus take around “two hours” between Airport and Pattaya.

Fare: Bus fare is 130 THB/Seat.

Baggage: 1. Each customer is allowed to have 1 small personal bag that fits in the overhead compartment (very small space) and 1 normal sized checked baggage with the maximum standard size of 48W-29D-76H in centimeter or 19”W-11”D-30”H with maximum linear dimension of 153 cm. and maximum weight of 20 kg. If the size or the weight is more than the standard limit, you will be subject to oversize or overweight charge.
Our system does not accept a booking if customer has more than 3 checked baggage. In that case please input only 3 bags and our staff will check-in additional bags before boarding with additional charges.
All baggage must be clearly labeled with the owner’s name and destination address.


Vidar Westgard says:

Great video. I see on the counter: Next bus to Pattaya hotel, 250 THB. Do you know if this is a door to door service that you don't need to pre book?

Hubert Chung says:

Thanks for the useful details on how and where to catch the bus to Pattaya. I never knew that the bus was this cheap.

حمد الفارسي says:

where did the bus drop you in?

Andy Nguyen says:

is there restroom/toilet on the bus?

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