Freelance Ladys / Pattaya beach / BrakeDown of Negotiation

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Pattaya Beach road
On this beach road there is Freelance Lady day and night.
They dress up to be fond of men and stay on the street.


rexnex27 says:

You might want to talk to someone to make things a bit more interesting.

Arnoldo Arias says:

How much charge those fucking street bitches per hour?

Adamus1410 says:

2:20 number to this girl ?

buya shaka says:


Vindow Maker says:

omg that pregnant bitch was smoking. I hope the baby rips her stomach out and crawls thru her belly as she lays dying.

Anchor Piyush Aarav Goswami says:

How much for beach road girls whole night??can anyone help

Bernie Num Nums says:

Er…. It's spelt BREAKDOWN !

steven wilcoxen says:

Like the original sound, too. Nice change of pace from other VBloggers.

Jawahir AM says:

pattaya is a disgusting place full of b*tches. استغفر ﺍﻟﻠﻪ العظيم ليس الكل و انما البعض و ﺍﻟﻠﻪ اعلم

Cosmo Listens says:

Pregnant lady at 4:21, While holding a Cigarette!

Campervan Elvis I toof on you says:

3 guys trying to pick up one whore ?!

Ali Goraya says:

How much for 1 hours. Beach road???????

MO5E5 T.YILMAZ says:

curry curry LoL

Badal Biddya says:

bro wath is freelens girl . plize ans

Austin Knox says:

Where is this price break down

adit mukti says:

ugly women,,,, zzzz

RocksEm says:

It's hard to believe there are 40 comments on this video of streetwalkers and 3 of them are knocking a tourist for smoking while pregnant. 10s of millions of women have smoked while pregnant. It's hardly worthy of comment.

Bob Bradley says:

If one logo wasn't bad enough, you have two. I understand something being there to mark as yours but come on. Lots of screen blocked off. Reason why I un-subscribed.

Chuck Sickler says:

The video it self is ok. But it does not match the title. All I could hear were the passing cars. No "breakdown" as posted. The large white lettering blocks some of the screen. Bangkok 69 is all ready in the YouTube title at the bottom

J. Cross says:

By the looks of it these girls would make out better charging some of these wankers by the kilo!

edgar95035 says:

some guys are too cheap "lol"

island vacation says:

You do a good job being anonymous but those annoying white letters on screen ruin the experience of your great work Cheers.

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