Freedom Beach. Is It The Best Beach In Phuket?

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In today’s Vlog, I’m visiting Freedom Beach, which supposedly should be one of the best beaches in Phuket, Thailand. It’s located in Patong. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype!
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Francis Inghels says:

try Nakalay beach….

peaceful harmony says:

…from the looks of it, Freedom Beach is not the best beach.

William Rivera says:

Ouch that must had hurt Andy. Was wondering what had happen to you no videos for a while. Glad you are ok no Rabbies. Those so called beach owners should have there asses kicked. Beutiful beach for sure.

Aaron Explores says:

I thought I hadn't seen you for a while, that sucks being bitten by a dog. Is there not something you can buy to scare them off, maybe like a bright torch or a mini alarm? for when they get close up. Anyway it's good to see you have recovered and are uploading content again. That beach was so beautiful!

Mathieu Tallard says:

Shit man, you are scaring me. All those prices you showed are super expensive and even both of you, who knows well the country, had to pay corrupted people to have free access to a beach. Do you think its helping me taking the decision of going to Thailand ? Is that representative of what Thailand has become ? Should i go elsewhere, like Cambodia or Vietnam or even Philippines ? It is still time for me to change plan. And what is that shit about being attack by a dog ? I saw those kind of dogs in Cartagena and i had to throw at them rocks but Cartagena is a shit hole. Is that what Thailand has become? and how come you tell stories like that without emotion ? Doesn' t it make you mad?

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