Four Seasons Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand (1)

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Great Four Seasons Hotels Resort at Koh Samui – part 1 here – entrance, arrival pavilion, lobby, restaurants, and a walk to the room… part 2 to come..


loi luc says:

the four seasons resort general surrounding are great .l like the garden landscape and overlooks the sea side.

Janet Hill says:

You're very bossy "Drive FAST!"

Sabri says:

swastika lol

Alomayri A says:

That's beautiful . I love it men

Alexaj Kesavaraj says:

Guten Tag! 😉 What a nice, calm location .. looks like really paradise feeling. Funny pitchpatchpitchpatch from your shoes as well. 😀 Just another great vid from you! Thx.

Travel Connoisseur says:

Great video as always Raj – have you filmed part 2 yet? Waiting for it 🙂

Lee Claxton says:

Welcome back Raj, hope you're finding your new 4K camera easy to use. This is a great resort, one of the original Four Seasons isn't it? I guess Samui/Bali always were the first choices for real estate in this part of the world. Interesting that you preferred the Intercon lobby though. I think I agree with you. At 15.20 I have fallen in love with that design…what a great lounging area underneath the stairway. A perfect design for a house!

Murat Altın says:

"Travel legend" is back.

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