Four Seasons Hotel Deluxe Pool Villa @ Koh Samui, Thailand

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Four Seasons do make the best hotels – tour of a villa here at Koh Samui…


Deepak says:

I could not help Giggle when you said pointing at the pool – "Jump in there if there's a Fire".

samp says:

Lol I'm such a four seasons junkie that I basically make my stay at each resort a collection :/

Bertiebigballs 1 says:

Man that is paradise, great video.

Alexaj Kesavaraj says:

WOW! Nice details in this villa, even a king kobra? yessss^^ – Perfect place!

Yong De Tan says:

Nice garden and villa! It's seem that you have edited the part 2's video of this resort.

Lee Claxton says:

Amazing villa, well worth the price. The pool is incredible, and it looks really private with no prying eyes. You're right the architects deserve more commission for their designs of these sort of places. BTW, was there REALLY a dead king cobra in that basket?! Knowing your fear of snakes, I suspect not, hehehe.

ohin ak says:

Love the video!The swimming pool is nice.

Jose Franco says:

Nice too see you again!
I love the pool,the ideia was good.
You give me nice ideias to travel,when finish my university degree…

Everytime I saw your Koh Samui videos I remenber the PC game:Far cry or Crysis 1,is very similar the scenario ahahah XD

Dead snake? Is there snakes??? 7:44
-Why your videos of Koh Samui are in 720p instead of 1080p?

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