For the Best Food in Bangkok, Try This Chef’s Home

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It’s not every day that you find a fine dining establishment run from a chef’s personal kitchen. But then, Pichaya “Pam” Utharntharm is not your everyday chef. At just 28, she has studied gastronomy in both France and New York, and worked for a Michelin three-star chef. But her dream was always to return to her native Thailand and open up her own place. So, she did. Now she’s serving some of Thailand’s most inventive dishes out of Bangkok’s most exclusive joint—her dining room. Welcome to The Table.

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Celadon Jade says:

give back to thailand by making sure the locals CANT AFFORD IT. the price starts at about $100 per person, and im sure it goes way up.

Rahadian Fadli says:

She's beautiful,young,smart,good at cooking,hardworking…..wife material

Prince Cooper says:

being a che is a dream come true
but in the reality world + with the management and working condition it will kill the passion in just few month.
sad story of mine

Raihan Maisara says:

she must be filthy rich

Benjamin Li says:

“They ask what I’m doing when I’m not cooking, I’m cooking…”
I’m really confused…

darcey curran says:

I love watching videos on Thailand

Marielle P says:

The fact that she's young and successful. I wanna be like her!

Yehuda Burnod says:

godaan banci thailand

Mirage Rousseau says:

What and inspiration this is.exactly what I would love to do

Marvella Wilson says:

Who watched this like 100 times al ready ?

Alia natasha says:

Very beatiful restaurant and clean place . Kreativity and look delicious to feel Bangkok food .

mohamad hasif bin sarudin says:

I so exited see the video..The story are very best..The food is delicious..and I hope the food can be famous

Trần Quốc Đạt says:

I like the Thailand and Chinese cuisines because they are tasty and spicy.

Ben Bravo says:

She must be a wealthy person who doesn't care much to go after money when you serve just one table only. Beside having a big house with a big area in Bangkok which only the
rich can afford.

Would love to try out her cooking but have no idea where the place is.

Edvin Keskin says:

Her English is so good lol

Ben Gun says:

Rich and always cooking. Perfect wife material

NumbCorns says:

They all so cute at the end, hopefully those are not guys…

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