Foot Massage Therapy Pattaya Thailand $6/Hour — Friendly Lady

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I got a foot massage in Pattaya the other day for $6. It was a very enjoyable massage therapy and the lady was very kind and friendly.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

Ron Floyd says:

I've got to have one of these when I'm there in May! Thanks.

Marcanton01 says:

I know all the different kinds of massage, but I didn't know that there's also a foot massage therapy. Thanks for showing.

Iamthenakedape says:

I recognized those white sneakers. Oh and yes CCC 90% of the ladies happen to come from Issan 555

SweetGuy says:

funny thing is the time u post this video , it pays u back,

Chromo Fist says:

Why do you record videos. Of people massaging you. Stop already

Shaun Adams says:

I miss those Thai massages

Osion Mamre says:

$6 an hour you could have got a room I believe. I know I was getting full body massages for 200 about an hour which I think is $6. I didn't go to any of the foot massage places and got a massage out in the open

Manoj Ramachandran says:

Which place massage shop

GodisA God says:


Franco V says:

Wow, she is lovely. Too bad you did not have more privacy.

tigre tony says:

No saki diki?

Sonny Jim in Thailand says:

She is sweeeeet!

Djamal atrous says:

can you ask for me , how much does it cost ( iphone 5 ) in thailand . please !

llttf says:

Spaya Massage, Soi 8. Always have a good massage here.

Kevin P says:

Not much interaction with foot masseuse in this video.

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