FOOD REVIEW THAILAND – PATTAYA : The Flying Vegetable restaurant.

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PATTAYA THAI FOOD REVIEW: THE FLYING VEGETABLE RESTAURANT. I had the stir fried chicken black pepper.
This restaurant Puk Boong Loy Fa is located in central pattaya road or Pattaya Klang.
Easy to go to via the baht bus routes from soi buakhao and 2nd road. If you come from the dark side or sukhumvit road you can take a songthaew there also in the direction of beach road.
The Thai restaurant serves fresh Thai food in an open kitchen with seafood, fish, chicken, duck and pork.
They have a big selection of vegan food also. If it’s to hot you can sit in the aircon room.

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Lorpi says:

Thanks Steff for the nice review. You always make me hungry. 🙂

WelcomeHome76 says:

glad your not doing 711 food reviews anymore lol. This place looks good. When are you going to be be back in Pattaya?

Seb Ian says:

Steff day in Pattaya!! Hello Steff – yesterday I had a couple of beers at Jony Bar, then had dinner at Flying Vegetable and finally had a foot massage at Eden Massage (no happy ending). Thanks for your videos. I love a decent fish and chips so I'll try the fish and chips at Robin Hood Tavern. Re Jony Bar I was surprised how small it was – it looks so much bigger on your videos. You must have a wide angle lens on your camera which makes the bar look bigger. Anyway good day to you. Seb

Mr T says:

Another great vlog Steff! Thank you Puk Boong Loy Fa! Look forward to trying this one out next time I'm in town. On the list for sure. Cheers Bro^^

x 1887 x says:

Very good Vlog !!! Enjoyed , as always …;-)

แดนนี่ ดั้มส้ says:

Another great video 👍🏻

Johnnie Black says:

Is this Restaurant located past second rd ?

Snakedog's Thailand Journey says:

Hello Steff,
Very tasty looking food and the restaurant really looks nice & clean. Always a pleasure watching your vlogs. Cheers mate! 🙂

Alan Daniel says:

Thx Steff. Will try next time out there.

DB Cooper says:

Tons of similar restaurants are all over Pattaya and I don't see the need to travel half way around town for this.

GooseHunter says:

Very Nice Vlog Again Steff, looks like good food and at very good price, what was this thing you got from the street seller that the girls was so eager to have ??, Good Review, Cheers,

Daz Squires says:

Looks very nice, I'm there next week, so I'll have to give it a try. Cheers 😊

Michal Jarosinski says:

very good vlog really enjoyed thanks !!!!

Zeproo says:

Why the always serve in plastic plates. thats a shame

John Campbell says:

Who said this was important to me ,i was just making an observation 🧐🧐

โปล์ ดั้มส์ says:

the prices are good for what you get to eat..and you can get a lot of different dishes ,,, and the food looks good and tasty..big restaurant to…good food 👍🏻up agan Steff.

Cheap Charlie Pip. says:

Great review Steff I’ll definitely be trying that restaurant next year 👍😎🇬🇧

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