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A youtube series that will show the daily happenings of locals in Phuket.

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Yo good morning people, what is up

Welcome to our first food challenge video. Last week we put out a video saying we are doing something new with our vlogging channel, so that you have something more interesting to watch and that is a little bit more bite-size.

We are going to find the best pad thai restaurant in Phuket, Thailand. It was submitted by honestly fitness, thank you so much for submitting your suggestion.

So for those of you who don’t know what pad thai is, it is a stir fried rice noodle dish, commonly served as street food. The place of origin is Thailand.

We went to 7 different places to compare and rate the tastiness of the Pad Thai.

We wanted to get a different contrast of different places so we went all the way from road side food to 5 star hotels. The 5 star hotel we went to was the Banyan Tree in Laguna.

We also wanted to showcase the different parts of Phuket, and show you the beauty of this beautiful island paradise. So we went to Phuket town, Kathu, Cherng Thalay and Nai Harn Beach.

We rated the food on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best, based solely on the taste of the food, not the atmosphere or presentation of the food. This allows for a lot of variance depending on preference, we know. So for the final place we went to, we invited some guest judges along to try and keep things interesting and fair.

The guest judges of the final dish were Zachary Underwood, Harrison Ford and Mint Natruipskeesd. Thank you guys so much for helping us with this little challenge.

We are happy to have been able to show you the ingredients that go into making a good pad thai. This is the simplest way to show you a pad thai recipe. We are also happy we could show a local thai lady make it for you.

Thank you guys so much for watching our first food challenge video. Hope you enjoyed this new style of vlogging. If you have any suggestions on challenges or projects you want us to try out in the upcoming videos please let us know on any of our social medias.

Congratulations to the surprise winner of this challenge today: the Sea Breeze Restaurant on Nai Harn Beach! Your pad thai did not necessarily look like a star but tasted like one. If stars tasted fantastic that is.

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TripDontFall says:

cool! I enjoyed walking around Phuket Old Town!!

Quetzachapin says:

A lot of people do not spend their entire day just to taste great food but you guys go the extra mile and video it and kinda gives us a different point of view and also rate it.
That being said, I thank you for your attitude and for sharing .
Ok,,, I'm hungry now.

David Diaz says:

Dope Video guys, I am in Phuket now, can't wait for some Pad Thai tomorrow!

BTS A.R.M.Y says:

I am also thai

Magalang Manglait says:

are they couple?

walter Moise says:

Hey guys! coming from the states with some friends. We're staying in Ko Yao Yai and I was wondering if there are locals that run boats 24 hours back and forth from Phuket?! Instead of paying top dollar resort prices.

tdp ded says:


Myra Arroyo says:

No 10? More Pad Thai pls

Matthew Chaisuwan says:

490 baht Pad Thai? Seriously? That shit better be served on a gold platter

Koon Thai says:

ถ้าจะให้คะแนน ไม่น่าจะปรุงรสเองนะผมว่า

anan chaiyakham says:

ไม่อยากจะเชื่อ คนอะไรกินผัดไทได้ทั้งวัน กินด้วยก็ติไปด้วย ha ha ha

alan k. wong says:


ryan croskin says:

Nanai Restaurant on Nanai Road is my favourite by far!

Timo Crompinen says:

great video. The first place served their pad thai wrapped in an omelette. this is a sign of quality imo. I don't know how quickly you can respond but I would like to see a video about the Indonesian haze and how it has affected Phuket. All I have read was published last week when I guess the haze and was at its worst but since then I haven't seen any updates on what the sky looks like now. I was planning to visit phuket in Nov but the pictures of haze obscuring the sun have put me off.

Michelle Kang says:

we r right infront of ur house making youtube video

AL says:

I hope you guys didn't look down when you took a dump that day…cause you must have been shitting noodle strands…


Oliver Contadores says:


rkabiaz says:

ohooo ……>>>> all very handsome…….. very very,….

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