Flavours Of Thailand: Pattaya Beach Area, Thailand | 13th June 2016 | Episode 1

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In this episode we travel to Pattaya beach area in Thailand.

Flavours of Thailand is a culinary show that features delicacies from the mainland Southeast Asian country Thailand. Che Lakshmi Nair travels through various places in Thailand and provides you the best dishes from this scenic and beautiful kingdom.

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robin t says:

ee koothichikk pattiya idama Pattaya ellaru Vedi pani eduth jeevikkunna alukala

john smith says:

she is so beautiful.Looks so young.Moreover she is damn hot and sexy.Lakshmi Nair you are real indian aunty i lust for



S Spice says:

check my channel lakhsmi clear navel slowmotion full video

Adarsh B says:

mola chechi

Afsal Puthukkudi says:

1 kalikkaari.

Ravi Kiran says:

Best example of MILF.

Abdul Gafoor Puthenkalathil says:

pattayail ninnum aaarenkilum  tiricho

Abdul Gafoor Puthenkalathil says:

ee paripaaaadi   avalude kundium  mulaum aaaaalukale kaanikkaaanulla programme aano

areos spec says:

i have a request to kirali channel please remove her from this show.

abi anu says:

teachersinte manam kalayan nadakunnu

abi anu says:

nee enganeyanedi pulle kuttikale discipline padipikunnathu pulle

abi anu says:

chennu kerikodu

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