Fever Hotel and Bar on Soi LK Metro Pattaya $15/Night Very Cheap!

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This is a new hotel and bar located on Soi LK Metro off of Soi Buakow in the heart of Pattaya. It just opened 2 months ago and I love the design of the bar and the rooms are very clean with modern furnishings. Given the cheap price and great location I think this is one of the best deals in town. Music might be a bit loud at night but if you are a party animal who stays out to 3-5 AM it won’t be a problem. Soi LK Metro is pretty quiet after that time.

I also like you have a balcony overlooking the Soi so you can sit, have a drink and watch the action from the comfort of your home. The boss of the place was a nice gentleman and all of the staff were friendly too.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

nikola petrovic says:

Hi man, can u live there with 1200$ per month? When u pay room, food and girls?

Why do you want to know? says:

That room cant be $15

Pando says:

This has to be the best deal I've seen on a hotel yet. Being new helps but such a clean, nice room and you can't beat the location. I hope they do well (and don't raise their rates before I get there lol). Thanks for the video.

Oke Ae says:

Hadir,buat yg blm subscribe chennel saya bisa langsung sub dan komen d video biar otomatis cepat d sub back.

Umair Umair says:

Hahaha good luck

Rupesh Kumar says:

800 bath can get nice hotel with swimming pool at Pattaya beach road hotel yes not guest house

Rafeeque Kuwait says:

This is no cheep or no more

Stluis 21 says:

How can you get in touch with fever bar and hotel to try and book?

Eat With Mark The Shark! says:

The chick in the purple dress playing pool 👌

aamir gill says:

Is this hotel girl friendly ?

Howard Neely says:

Great room for the price!

رائد رائد says:

You are wonderful and beautiful love you

thaynamite says:

S A F E .. How many time you want ask the same question until you realize that nobody in Th understand it ? hahahah

mef12727 says:

It's called a safe. Hotels don't have security box?? You thought you at a bank ???

Steve Ocampo says:

Guest friendly?

Darrell Brown says:

Yo this guy's a creep

Charlie Frnz says:

Room is nice but too noisy with all the clubs nearby.

jerry ellis says:

Arlo Cox stole this video from you

matt browne says:

looks awesome cant wait to check it out

Kheymilk Yeehah says:

That chick got a bodyguard


when does low season start in pattaya and when does it last till? I am a cheap south asian

jack clifford says:

Just one word for the girl at 5:44  WOW , no wonder Big Fat Besty  booked up straight away for the month of February  555

billl44 says:

Hey CC, any recommendations for a condo? Staying for 1 month around late January, just need A/C .

Victror V says:

guest friendly 🙂 ??

ahmed shaker says:

the room would worth the price. if it just for this amazing girl to show it to you.

Phillip R says:

NO web site or facebook- i have found….. shame CC- hope you always ask if rooms are same or more and if all GF all the time mate

n d says:

100 baht is how much in american?

Ulf Davidsson says:

Must agree of both:)

khronosfromjupiter says:

is that street close to WS?

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