FARANG: The Story of Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok Thai Empire

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Farang, the Thai word for foreigner, is the story of how chef Andy Ricker took a 25 year obsession and spun it into the Pok Pok restaurant empire. While impetus behind Andy opening a restaurant in the first place was a decision based wanting to be able to travel and not continue his house painting business, it became more than that. The focus of Andy’s mission soon became to represent the culture and food of the people in Northern Thailand as faithfully as possible. He is constantly reinforcing the idea that he is not a chef, but merely a person who is helping to curate this cuisine in America. In the film Andy introduces us to 3 of his main inspirations Thailand for which he based some of his most successful dishes. Farang covers Andy’s story from his childhood to present day, and was filmed between Chiang Mai, Portland, and New York. The filming was mostly done in May 2013 as Andy was getting ready to open up 6th restaurant, Sen Yai.

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Ice King says:

third time watching this, i always learn something new from it

Marc Lamparter says:

Respect to this man! I think people that are obsessed or "crazy" live the most fulfilled lives!

PAPI C says:

Love this doc, but where did get money to travel to travel and put money into a property with painter and musician money?

Dillon Lee says:

going to thailand for the under age
whores. we all know it.

Eric Paris says:

Pauleen Coronel is a loser!!

Supermale Vitality says:

52:05 a bug scurries across the door

teresa olofson says:

Andy your being humble to a fault enneagram number 5 invesigator

DannyBoomhead says:

i love andy

Rafa Lo says:

I love this episode!

Sanglae Lee says:

How come farang… Cook 100% authentic, How come farang… Long line

askquestionsplz says:

tbh his staff looked like complete idiots.

inamorato says:

This video got me glued to every second of it, awesome "Andy" you're the best, will stop by any of your restaurant for sure


I fucking love this vid. i have 3 copys of the puk puk book. Cooked all the stuff made a rotisserie just to do the chiken. Andy your really inspiring and thank you for helping me thow the shit i have gone thow. If your ever in Malaysia or thailand i would really like to meet you. Thanks for the grate book and changing my life.

오세륜 says:

I like this episode…this episode is about chef learn different country food..he curious about thai food culture etc and makin thai food after that…hehe 😅👍🏻

John Doe says:

Andy Rickers a perfect example of Portlandia white guilt and cuck sentiment. he spent 10 minutes of the show apologizing for being white….so he can shove pok pok up his ass i wont go there…..

Adrian Ljumanovic says:

I love this

Manuel Delgado says:

what the hell is sipowitz working in kitchen 19:41

Manuel Delgado says:

why arent the hipsters scream cultural appropriation i dont understand

Robert Robo Olszewski says:

HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite episodes EVER! What a life. This guy is amazing! Want to fly to Portland now and eat at POK POK and off to Thailand.

Emanuele Ramon says:

Best Video of the month

donna74ph says:

Hahahaha funny name for a restaurant, in the Philippines, pok pok means prostitute. Well, the restaurant is located in the red light district of Asia so I guess the name is appropriate

Nick Ponlamuangsri says:

Cultural appropriation at its finest. If you eat here you hate Thai people.

Trey Edwards says:

Too many ads

Khanh Ho says:

His restaurant in LA shuttered.

luckystriker says:

I'm Thai and I think Mr. Ricker is such a great ambassador for Thai food.

wadchara Srisupun says:

wow amazing

Avi T says:

Farang, what year did you moved from Vail? I grew up there and your face seem so familiar, what restaurants did you worked at?

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