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I get lots of questions about the tools I use in my videos, here’s the video to clarify quesions about woks, mortars & pestles, and the portable gas burner!

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Tomay Xiong says:

Love how you explain everything in details! It really helps some of us who are still rookie cooks. 🤗😘

Mini Tran says:

Used clay one it broke as very frist time 😉 no trust clay any more

Mini Tran says:

Great information

jerry hardin says:

do you not recommend a wok for an electric stove, at all ?

shawn kunkel says:

Is there a way you can clean the smell from the bottom of the wood pestle. Lol its not a trouble some smell but it sure does smell like chili, garlic and fish sauce.

W S says:

Is your gas wok burner safe for outdoor use? Thanks.

vishu singh says:

The brass one you have…. we use it in india as well….. we call it "Kadhai"
We use it for deep frying as well

Khanh Pham says:

Hi Pailin, can you tell me where can I get golden pan? I really like that.

khaekai Sukkay says:

กระทะเหล็กซื้อที่ไหน ราคาเท่าไหร่ค่ะ

cillaloves2fish says:

U are goofy sometimes! Ha! Made me laugh at the end!!

nelida kiss says:

love this video

Gilbert Wong says:

Hello Pai,

Did you get the Iwatani burner on Amazon here in Canada or elsewhere. Can you suggest a vendor?


krishna y.vamshi says:

Hay pai at last I found ur channel. I couldn't able to find u on fb

made thought says:

hi Pai ! thanks for this video it really helps to understand the difference between woks! speaking of i was wondering if you would be interested in doing a video on how to use a wok !?? i noticed a lot of Thai dishes are made with a wok and i realized i am a serious newbie at using one.. so i ended up watching some chefs on youtube to get the feel of how they work with it , i mean i'm not expecting to be a wok master right away , haha .. but my thought was….what does one need to know about woks to make really good tasting stir fry's ? and that sort of thing.. maybe the basics of using one would really help people to know thai food better too ?!! thanks again xoxo Leah

JD Border says:

Hi Pailin, is your brass wok 12 or 6 inch? Thanks

Eric Barnett says:

I bought the exact same one burner stove at an Asian grocery store in Gardena, CA for $19.99. Sounds like I scored!


I just bought a 14" Carbon Steel Wok, With a Round Bottom, For my Gas Stove Home.? I am going to Season it outside,? Because of the Smoke it makes while Seasoning it etc.?

Eden Bon says:

เห็นกระทะแล้วอยากเห็นคุณทำทองหยอด ฝอยทอง. ^^

Widya Christine says:

dear paiii where can we buy the tools for cooking like that in bangkok. pleasee recomend

Gonzalo Rayo says:

I just found your channel and I am loving it 😀

After travelling long and wyde in south east asia I am starting a thai delivery in santiago of chile, my only question is about your videos do you do them all by yourself and what kind of lighting do you use?

Finally if you grow up in thailand your english is amazingly good!

peterstang says:

Very informative and useful.

Lanie McCann says:

Where I can buy the granites mortar and pestle ? I rally want it

Todd Corrigan says:

What size is the som tum mortar? 7" or 9"

Sudha Vel says:

we use all this in India also please don't was the stone motor and pestol with soap because it absorbs it, just wash with hot water

JӦYの貓 says:

You can't put acidity in brass but you wash with acidity? Huh?

prisa says:

Lot of these are used in India too. Almost all the stuffs you used here are there in my kitchen too😊

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