Family Fun in Phuket

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Highlights of our One-Week Family Vacation at Phuket (Thailand) as Documented Through the Lens of GoPro Hero 3+


GoProGARY Travel says:

Subscribed! This is a very cool GoPro video I make GoPro videos too!

Drea Stanley says:

Looks like an awesome trip! You should submit this into Sugarlock's GoPro contest!

Adham Al-Alami says:

amazing …..what'sthehotelname? I'mplanning to go in october with the family

Anthony Reyes says:

great video! i like the music and transitions. any suggestions or tips for me i plan on making a video like this soon.

Real Life Action TV says:

Good Video when I am not doing my Professional Filmmaker job I document my Vacations I own Couple of GoPros one is Hero 1 other is Hero 3+

Дед Макар says:


Hugh Poland says:

Wow, what a great family and a beautiful place for a vacation! Great editing, you are a super filmmaker. I wish all my family videos came out as good as yours! You are a very blessed man!

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