Exploring Pattaya — Soi VC and VC Hotel — Nice Place for Holidays to Thailand

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VC Hotel is a landmark in Pattaya and I walk around the surrounding neighborhood and meet some nice people along the way. The area is very popular with tourists from the Middle East.


Johan Schröder says:


เพื่อนร่วมชั้น พ.อ. ประหยัด says:

อีก50ปี 1000ปีก็ไม่เจริญหรอก ยิงกูดิ.

Frits lammering says:

In the end whit the arabs tell me the truth!@ thee was tasting a bit like camel pis😂 it sure look like it 😂😂😂Gread vlogges i enjoy allot thank you👍👍👍👍

Claudia Erkeloing says:

The city where they are beauties!

Mich Ches says:

Cool video hope you keep making them.

Dagenham Dave says:

Hey!! Finally got to see what ya look like at 3:51. 🙂

James W says:

Interesting area, I walked by near the condemned building area last month, i was told to be careful on that street and the street above, lots of dealings and muggings in that area.

Span Dex says:

Good video, well done.

andrew ealam says:

Thailand would be a lot better Place for a Holiday If they put up the PRICES to keep out the RIFF RAFF of the PLANET

Brummie Brink says:

great video cheap charlie. 03.10 a very nice lady, she must me giving massage haha

Scott Parnell says:

Arabic coffee make poo in pants lol .

Prince Sullivan says:

New to your channel watched a few videos you say things are not in your budget .. what is your budget???

Daco d says:

Hi Charlie!
Do you have some video of Bowin?

j s says:

How much money should you carry around with you at night? Is it safe? And, how much would a night of fun cost? I been robbed once ,when I had $50 in my wallet by knife-point. So, I don't carry more than $20 in my wallet in some cities here.

j s says:

Have you considered being a tour guide and body guard back up for travelers? I would pay you like 20$ per night to show me around good bars, how to avoid scammers, etc. Of course, I would buy you the beers and food .

Firstpo jkh says:

find me a place for 50-60 baht a night please

Joe Blow says:

the language barrier seems huge there, can they speak english at all?

The Toronto Skyscraper Blog says:

The first video starring cheap charlie!!

DRock7977 says:

I cant get enough of your videos Charlie did the goverment shut down clubs early every night still?

Selton K says:

great vid u r the best

Jeffrey Williams says:

What is the difference between a Thai and oil massage? A buddy of mine went to China and ordered a massage at his hotel. He was asked, “You want a Swedish or Chinese massage?” He said, “Chinese”, which apparently meant he wanted a hooker because that’s what he got, lol. Does the same rule apply in Thailand?

David says:

we need longer videos 🙂 give us some more stuff 😀

date bayo says:

Those 2 girls eating noodles at 4:53 looking sexy. Why didn't u make some chit chat with them?

Joe Livingthegoodlife says:

Cool video charlie ya some of those alley's look very dark to walk down.Nice coffee shop!

TopBunter says:

You'll be trying to take videos of people taking a leak next! LOL

jaymeez says:

Nice guy to give you some coffee 🙂

John Doe says:

Sir Charles, maybe they did not want someone at the VC Hotel who would be staying just for one night, and therefore proceeded to tell you that there was no WiFi in the room in order to discourage you from staying there

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