EXOTIC THAI FOOD Tour! SUPER RARE street food of Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Exotic CHINESE FOOD Tour! → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRefoqmdkGM

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Location 1. Larb dee khom khon yong restaurant
Address : Khuang Singh Chotana road
Tel. 053 212949 , 0818819497

1 . Spicy minced buffalo salad ( Larb kwai) 70 baht
2 . Hot spicy buffalo soup ( kaeng om )50 baht
3. Grilled fermented sour pork ( Naem mok) 20 baht
4. Sticky rice ( khao niew ) 10 baht
Total price 150 baht

Location 2. Kroua larn ya mo restaurant
Address : Huay tung tao lake
Tel. 0818831942 , 0812926279

Food name :
1. Jumping shrimp salad ( Goong ten) 70 baht
Total price 70 baht

Location 3. Charoen suan aek restaurant
Address : soi Sansai tonkok Sanphisuea
Tel. 053 852778

Food name :
1. Hot spicy frog soup ( Tom yum kob) 80 baht
2.Hot spicy eel soup ( Tom yum pla lai) 80 baht
3. Stir fried eel with chili ( Phad phed pla lai ) 80 baht
4. Deep fried pork intestine ( sai tord) 60 baht
Total price 300 baht

Location 4 . Ruam chok market
Address : Provincial highway 1001 Faham

Food name:
Deep fried cricket ( Jing reed tord) 20 baht
Deep fried grass hopper ( tak ka tan tord) 20 baht
Deep fried silk worm ( nourn mai told) 2o baht
Deep fried bamboo worm ( nourn mai pai tord) 20 baht
Deep fried giant water bug ( mang da tord ) 20
Total price 100 baht

Location 5 Thanin market
Address: Chotana road

Food name :
Grilled pig brain ( Ab ong or) 20 baht
Sticky rice ( khao niew) 10 baht
Total price 30 baht

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Jolly M says:

Wow this is a difficult episode for me to watch Sonny! I'm cool….as I squirm Big Time!

Adam Lesoon says:

Straight up Paleo.

GeeStang says:

I love those,ate it a long time, but hard to get now

Irenea Castro says:

What is the song tittle played on the last part of this video?

Colette Dion says:

What’s the name of the last song played?

Zee Mo says:

I like your show. you should be the new king of the bizarre food show.

thatoldserpent says:

She took it like a champ.

Cchen says:

The combination of the tour guide and Sonny was hilarious in this one hahaha so good.

Tuấn nguyen says:

In việt nam have 3 mien bac mien trung mien Nam mien bác have hoi noi mien Nam have ho chi minh City mien trung don have i am live in tay ninh mien Nam

Jay Shan says:

Buffalo bile..? Really? You’re a brave man Sonny!

Karennn w says:

I have o knowledge on this, but is it safe to eat raw buffalo? Thanks

Ali Irtiza says:

Come to pakistaaaan biaaaatch

Daniel Castilla Toledo says:

"This brain is mindblowing…! Mostly mindblowing for the pig" 😂

Husker says:

Can you do meet and greet in Bangkok?

The Gypsy Hermit says:

Man you need serious balls to eat all this. Ugh!

andré Diandré says:

I think He has big dick

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You need to collab with Mike Chen

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