Everyone Saw this Hotel – Pattaya Walking Street

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Prices and more info about the hotel https://pattayarandom.com/at-sea-residence-hotel-pattaya-beach.html
Book in advance, Agoda link https://goo.gl/yFaz1i

A good hotel in the heart of Pattaya nightlife. At Sea Residence is located in the end of Beach Road but actually this is a part of the construction of Walking Street.
The hotel is guest friendly (no extra charge for girls)

This review is independent.

Night clubs with freelancers on the Walking Street: Insomnia and i-Bar, 808, Lucifer, Marine Disco, Mixx.

Nearest hotel on Walking Street https://goo.gl/cv9AeN

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Pattaya Random says:

Prices and more info about the hotel https://pattayarandom.com/at-sea-residence-hotel-pattaya-beach.html

Book in advance, Agoda link https://goo.gl/yFaz1i

BOON says:

thais catch squids and eat them on that beach and dumb tourists swim in that open sewer beach thats been contaminating the pattaya beach over 200 years. as populations increase you find needles, abortions, senior diapers and condoms all floating in that beach LOL. Rats everywhere living in the trees so cleaning them up on the shores means nothing………really stupid country ! When it rains, all the shit from hotels go pouring into the sea and when it floods, tourists go diving into the shit and piss water with their rental motor bikes……its one of the dumbest countries on earth !!!

peackpr9 says:

Stayed there a night on my last trip. The room was nice and staff were friendly. The only thing I disliked was the escalator not working. Yeah, I walked it no problem but walking up/down an stopped escalator doesn't feel the same as using regular stairs.

Scott Hall says:

Looks pretty nice.

Abdulelah mohammad says:

you can sleep ? no nois ?

El Fish Knows says:

Very nice I can see myself shooting jizz all over that room. 👍

Mat Nilsson says:

is hotel guest frendly or you have to pay extra to bring lady to room

ford11 Red. says:

No price for the hotel when you residence

Brummie Brink says:

great video pattaya random.

Azaan Shah says:

hotal receptionist is looks preety show or talj more hotel recetion looks nice figure show more talk

The Toronto Skyscraper Blog says:

I will be there in a couple of weeks, the Milf with the arab dudes on the pier was cute with a nice rack!! 6:08

The Toronto Skyscraper Blog says:

Mr Russian Business Man, did you have a crush on that girl you chased down walking street?

pol yansky says:

stupid capitalism restrict smoking even in this nice room!

after collapse of USSR, capitalism does not give for us anymore freedom to choice of how to help your life kill you.

crap and sad 🙁

anyway. thx for vdo, how noisy is this place?

shoryuton80 says:

Super close to walking street. Is it noisy through out the whole night?

Fly Fly says:

Лучшее местоположение в Паттайе. Только вечером с бичроуда все бегают ссать под помост на пляже, чем несколько портят вид из окна.

dominic123454 says:

Just got done staying there for a week on Tuesday and it was great!

jaymeez says:

Getting your Bangkok112 on huh 😆 Nice Room! 👍

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