Elements Samui Weather The Storm

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Scattered showers and sunny patches through January, settling into consistently finer weather towards March.

The Samui ‘Summer’ with high temperatures and humidity, clear blue skies, red-hot sand and the long local school holidays!

Things start to cool a little and broken cloud begins to take over, becoming combined with occasional sudden showers as September appears.

Unpredictable with a mixture of sun and broken cloud in October and November but with the probability of heavy, prolonged tropical thunderstorms dominating November. This usually continues into December, but becoming less frequent and with more sunny periods as the new year approaches.


davisesq212 says:

Even a stormy day is a good day over there!

Julie Cowart says:

I love that its windy. Its super windy where I come from and it means life.
I would love to be here in the sun and warm water for snorkeling.

chris mcbride says:

my bro went here awesome very windy tho

Michelle Gonzalez says:


roby bel says:

remembers me Japan….there we got 230 km/h of wind…

Gabrielė Štaraitė says:

dont like winds 🙁

jenlee282 says:

wow hope its not that windy all the time, still looks great though

Whimsical Chick says:

Beautiful place!

Fiona Charlton says:

A little wind? Who cares!! A beautiful place to be no matter the weather!

BeckyOC861 says:

So pretty, rain, hail or shine!

Tania Roche says:

Looks windy!

mamatutu71 says:

… just makes you appreciate the sunshine that comes after all the more 🙂

Alex Hassan says:

It really is as great as it looks!

Martin D'Allura says:

still looks beautiful, hope no damage was sustained.

maglsh says:

Love the unpredictable weather!

brettindubai says:

Very nice, wish I was there

Anita Turner says:

So beautiful! want to go back!!

Vicki Fischer says:

the view is super.. the wind is warm & breezy mild I hope

Bastiaan Garnier says:


samslinky says:

If thats a stromy day im there wind rain or shine

Džiuginta Daujotaitė says:

How nice…:)

natdxb says:

Fortunately the rain stayed away on our stay!

David King says:


jdlatrace says:

sounds like Saskatchewan! …doesn’t LOOK like Saskatchewan!

TempestKali says:

It rained while we were staying at Elements so we just went to the spa!

bougheyrm says:

Looks great!

imaginlasershow says:

It is like in Belgium with this weather … which is better than here

Matthieu Gielen says:

I believe I can fly

Fiona Jones says:

There was a bit of a storm whilst we were at Elements but it didn’t ruin
our stay =).. BBQ night was moved indoors and was still brill! x

fh051982 says:


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