Elements Beachfront Villas Koh Samui

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With an impressive 200sqm of living space, these truly gorgeous 2 bedroom villas are more than ample for even the most particular of tastes. Each villa has a private infinity-edge swimming pool, jacuzzi and sunset sala.


Džiuginta Daujotaitė says:

How sweet? 😉

Linda Boyd says:


Tayne Redman says:

i need to come here!

Chix Fix says:

Looks so inviting… I accept 🙂

Gabrielė Štaraitė says:

I wanna stay here

Alex Hassan says:

It really is as great as it looks!

roby bel says:


TempestKali says:

I loved staying at Elements! Can truely say it was one of the best holidays
I have ever had. We stayed in this beachfront villa and it was absolutely

Anita Turner says:

What a beautiful place for a holiday…

Michelle Gonzalez says:

very spacious!

Paul Donaldson says:

I had a great time there in early February 2012. The staff, accomodation,
food, everything was awesome!

Vicki Fischer says:

Elements Beachfront Villas @Koh Samui is FANTASTIC!

Joanne T Ferguson says:

Please take me away NOW 🙂

bougheyrm says:

Love the pool!

umahmed84 says:

i miss it there

natdxb says:

This has to be one of the best villas on the island. We got upgraded to
this villa for our wedding in Feb 2012 and it was out of this world
couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Robin Wegner says:

Love it all

Fiona Charlton says:

I’m ready to go there!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!

imaginlasershow says:

A place that makes you dream!

jenlee282 says:

looks absolutely amazing…..what a dream vacation

David King says:

Very cool! seems like a great spot!

fh051982 says:

Very cool

mamatutu71 says:

I can’t wait to come visit you guys!

butterflyz41 says:

Luxurious pampering .. we could definately use some of that .. frangipanni
pool looks so inviting <3

Fiona Jones says:

This looks incredible! x

BeckyOC861 says:

Loooooove this place too much!!!

Whimsical Chick says:

Beautiful place!

Matthieu Gielen says:

it’s like paradise

morlsballs8 says:

looks like paradise!

Julie Cowart says:

That is heaven !! I love Asia but haven’t been to Thailand yet. This is a
place of utter beauty!!

NeridaOT says:

A goal in life…..to wake up and find myself there….one more lotto win

jdlatrace says:

wow…awesome! I could do without the TV…

Jordana Palmer says:

Just amazing!

Bastiaan Garnier says:


Martin D'Allura says:

i think i would pick one of these villas for my stay

Arvuvu9 says:

just lovely would be a dream to spend some time there such a pretty spot
too 🙂

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