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HAS Studio says:


Zlatity Trankova says:

Отврат!!! Помия пълна с черупки от яйца-бляяяяяккк!

Yakiro Jack says:

Hello Doctor! How’s my cholesterol?

You need the pill my son!!!

zumoslim says:


Raider Warrior says:

Why am I watching this in the gym working out?

oplot m loveking says:


Simon ShangVan says:

Now that's real cooking skills, most of the western so called "Chef" are just style over substance, way over-rated.

o kap mein kap says:

some mean padthai

مولاي أحمد Bouzguia says:

rejoignit l'outil luxueux joueur kelvin Olli l'envoi l'envoi joueur l'intrigue longueur

omar power says:

I ate those once and were as oily as it looks

Tony Coleman says:

Where is my plate? I need to stop watching these vids at 12am on an empty stomach. Great stuff.

pudup hakiem guci says:

same delicious noodle from indonesia 😁

sentino68 says:

Wow! What a pro! Love how he uses the same wok for the eggs.

Kon YT says:

I want to go back to Thailand after watching this.. great vid

jhonny oblitas says:

Nada saludable. Mucho aceite

edgu71eg says:

My Pad thai taste nothing like the Thai restaurants out in town.

I try to follow all the recipes.

Is it cuz I'm not Asian? Lol

afterschoolman 7268 says:

The truth is it will become a bad taste pad thai because the method that all you see it's wrong . The sauce that you all see it's oil !!. The real sauce will brown in color cause it made from tamarind paste + coconut sugar + fish sauce . So I think this pad thai clip is from somewhere that cheating the tourists that never know real padthai is !!!

Mike Studmuffin says:

I want shrimp with my thad pai.

Vilath Lifestyle says:

too messy around him

Antonio Dejesus says:

this looks delicious. unfortunately there was one egg he cracked in there with blood in the yolk. im sure the people who ate this only shit liquid for a few days. i bet it was good going down though. id still eat it

Mansoor Ali says:

Can someone please tell me the recipe/ingredients in the order they were put in. Thanks!

Rebecca Vergara says:

Way too much oil

Elipzid Zukkaraduss says:

i felt that what is this Pad thai shop?, til at the end of clip that i see where that never delicious in my opinion . too much oil and non taste.
i'm Thai and also try the other , i think some kiosk Pad Thai is better.(and much cheaper)

roxdkzx says:

Love all the idiots arguing so religiously that the pad thai sauce the cook threw in the beginning was oil. Please…the oil was just before the eggs. That's the only time there was oil. And considering how much egg was in there, that's not even alot of oil. If any idiot still wants to argue this, look at the part where the cook put oil for the eggs and NOTICE THAT HE ADDED THE OIL FROM THE LEFT OF THE SCREEN while in the beginning the "oil" (sauce) was from the RIGHT.

Maros Hangurbadzo says:

toto čo varíte je na piču a si ziecte kokoti

Lewis John says:

Did he put any oil in the wok? 😂 There are so many variations of Pad Thai that I don't know how people can say it's right or wrong. His gas bill must be high though!

peakarach says:

Lao Khua Mee, ( fried noodle ), original. Lol.

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