Easy Thai Spicy Pork Dip Recipe (Nam Prik Ong): The Aimless Cook

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Thai food is easy with this spicy pork dip recipe called Nam Prik Ong. It has fresh cherry tomato, galangal and spicy red chili. I love the taste of this dish with fresh cucumber slices as the contrast is very refreshing. I hope you enjoy Nam Prik Ong too. Have fun in the kitchen!

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Leah L'Orch says:

Man your house is gonna stank after cooking this.. stank real good though 🙂

Morino Edits says:

I like the idea of using cucumber. It gives the dish a creative and refined appearance.

Cza Rina says:


Yeo Xin-Yi says:

@MrJingjong You're very welcome (: Its always a joy to see your videos on the subscriptions page 😀

Jay del Corro says:

@Xia0yUxX thanks for the heads up. I learn something new everyday! and thanks for watching!

Yeo Xin-Yi says:

I think belacan is supposed to be pronounced as "bla-chan".. But that's of no consequence, just this video makes me salivate.

Jay del Corro says:

@iloveflavor So do yours, my dear. We have a mission, Jenny. To bring flavor at all costs! lol. Are you willing to accept it?

Jay del Corro says:

@ACEkidize sounds like Ace? lol. It's Jay.

Irene Octavia says:

usually i eat this with rice, very tasty.

Jenny Kelley says:

Your dishes always look incredible! Have a Flavorful Halloween!

Jay del Corro says:

@chrismatteo86 Thank you, I hope you try it!

Jay del Corro says:

@JoyMac13 You should have been there when I cracked open the belacan. lol.

Chris Matteo says:

This looks absolutely delicious!

JoyMac13 says:

Nice!!! Must have been really aromatic when you sautéed the paste. d(^_^o)

elbacooks4u says:

Well done Jay.

God Bless,


Jay del Corro says:

@Jojeeh me too. I can't get enough.

Jay del Corro says:

@ShaunieceCooks Hey Shauniece! Hope you're doing well. Are you still making lots of treats with your Zuko?

Jay del Corro says:

@chinaeyes22 take out the hot chilies pare then you'll be good to go!

Jay del Corro says:

@rockybarragan Thank you!

Jay del Corro says:

@cyn853 You can use fish sauce.

Asiancookingmadeeasy says:

That looks so good – I can just taste it with the crunch of the cucumber too, yum! 🙂

Zidaman says:

You should
– Add pork and some Roasted Chili Paste oil and stir-fry until cooked thoroughly.

cartouchator says:

@MrJingjong I always did it with ground chicken. it's really different and a world better. try it !

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