Easy Thai Green Curry

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I learned how to make this delicious and easy Green Thai curry this summer when I was traveling in Thailand.
For the full recipe visit http://www.sweetpotatosoul.com/2011/11/thai-green-curry-episode-9.html


David Ung says:

Amazing, beautiful music. I'm Cambodian and the sounds of the Thai music remind me of music my parents used to play.

cmakao says:

I like how you put Thai background music in this video and wore sarong!!!!! 🙂

radiantchristina says:

i have made this several times since i first watched this video and i love it.  Could you do a video on lunches that can be packed for work (that don't need to be reheated, since all i have is a microwave at work and i don't like to use that)

Tomi Makanjuola says:

Thai green curry is my absolute favourite type of curry, I could eat it all day. Just found your channel and having a wander through your videos 🙂


Suzette Ohai says:

Can you share the recipe looks good and yummy.

Sicily Bruner says:

I've recently discovered that I love vegetable curry, so I can't wait to try this recipe out! 

Oath Ka says:

wow! you are wearing a Thai Salong while cooking Thai curry…impressed me. I am Thai.

marekmagyar says:

marry me! :-))))

SweetPotatoSoul says:

@theblissfulchef I love her too! That's so cool that you went also : )

Blissful and Fit Christy says:

Aww you went to May Kaidee's class in Bangkok? Love her!

yagurlnell says:

Love you recipes so far. Would you mind telling me the name of the song during the video? I loved it!

SweetPotatoSoul says:

@wisem300 Thanks! I use bare essentials powder. Good stuff!

Shada Browne says:

that looks really yumming..(side question, your skin is so clear, do you where any make-up? )

Veggietorials says:

Mmm, I love a good curry!

RockyBalboa211 says:


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