Easy Thai Fish Sauce Recipe

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This is a quickest and easiest recipe to make Thai fish sauce. We usually use this a dipping sauce for meat or vegetable that are not marinated. My favorite meats dip in the sauce are fish, three layer pork and steak. Since the fish sauce is strong and pungent, rice and vegetables are best companion.

2 clove of garlic minced
2 Thai chile sauce
1 small lime
Fish sauce


Michael Strong says:

I want to learn how to make FISH SAUCE. one of the Ingredients in your recipe for THAI FISH SAUCE is Fish Sauce?

I’ll teach you how to make Mike’s BBQ sauce. Take a bottle of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, put it in a bowl, mix in some chili’s, garlic and onions.

MissToii says:

Thank you for sharing!

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