Easy Summer Thai Noodle Salad Recipe – Yum It

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Hello everyone! We hope you enjoy this easy, quick, summer Thai noodle salad recipe – great for summer and parties, and it will definitely impress your friends and family! Let us know in the comments below if there are any other recipes you would like to see.

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Dabney Fountain says:

I've had this in restaurants and, yes, it is utterly delicious.

Just Cat Dreaming says:

And if you can't get dried shrimp make it on your own. We do that

Just Cat Dreaming says:

For some weird reason I like to eat dried shrimp

chu Lee says:


Anh Hoang-Le says:

For the rice noodle, are they uncooked ?

DangerHungry says:

omg. i haven't had it for so long! i must make it!

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