Easy Shrimp Pad Thai Recipe : Bits & Pieces – Season 1, Ep.11

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There’s no need to be intimidated by this light and easy Shrimp Pad Thai because you can probably find all the ingredients you need for it in most grocery stores. It looks and tastes like takeout, but you can tackle it at home without even breaking a sweat! For the printable recipe, go here: http://chefjulieyoon.com/2014/04/easy-shrimp-pad-thai/

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Julie & Joe


oxford1603 says:

I love the ingredients you used. Thank you.

busybee duckling says:

Intro is way toooooooo long. 2min.???

Sheivann says:

Phuket night market thai street food 2017

pushpus Pushpush says:

Will You Marry Me

asaneebinmaso says:

I love how you call this stir fried noodles easy Pad Thai even thought you didn't put these following ingredients. tamarind juice, fish sauce, garlic chives, dried shrimp and sweet radish. Now people think this is actually pad Thai. Btw us Thai don't put cilantro in a real Thai. 🙂

Becky Reum says:

I tried was easy and delicious…thank you

Angela Hagerman says:

Julie you are so refreshing…..I love Pad Thai…..and now I know how to make it…Thank you so much….

Nita Fields says:

Chef Julie, this is easy. Now I can make Pad Thai now. Thanks

Sharon La Tour says:

No tamarind??

chyna Nhua says:

It's not the same with you eating without Joe😄

Jules Cirilo says:

I can eat that whole pan😬

Kerry Losi says:

Hi Julie. Love your video. Thanks for sharing.

flyvendeskumfidus says:

This is an amazing recipe! I followed it to the point and me and my friends were stoked. I got all of the praise, but I owe you! <3 I made a huge batch and my friends ate it all! I love your channel and congratulations with the happy news of our child! 😮 😀

Deloris Bledsoe says:

Very healthy love it crispy crunchy vegetable 😋

jaexsong90 says:

I live in a rural side of Korea and this is perfect for me!!

Sandy Hsu says:

Real pad Thai is made with fish sauce…not soy sauce

Angela Lee says:

I love your tofu tip. My tofu always dried out.

Quang Huy Nguyen says:

i usually stir fried rice noodles with that kind of sauce, it tastes awesome but i never called this as Pad Thai ^_^. To cook Padthai, i have to use fish sauce and Tamarin as sauce. That's why Pad Thai is usually orange 😀

royalfairy909 says:

why is it usually like an orange color at restaurants?

PurpleDuffyz says:

That's looks delicious! I always get my tofu stuck to the pan and usually is a disaster but I'll try your trick next time!

music4life17346 says:

Can I substitute the small onion for shallots? And also can I add fish sauce to the Pad Thai Sauce? Would that change it? This looks great by the way!

Comfort Davis Mingot says:

It looks so good

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