Easy Chicken Thai Red Curry Recipe

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Check out this super Easy and Quick recipe for Chicken Thai Red Curry

The beauty of this recipe is that you can re-create it with Any meat of your choice: Shrimp, Beef, etc

For Vegetarians try Tofu as a meat substitute.

Ingredients List:

1 Chicken Breast – 1/2 lb
1 Medium Onion
1 Bell Pepper (Any color)
1 Can Coconut Milk (400mL)
1 Medium Potato (Boiled)
2 Tbsp Red Curry Paste
1 Tbsp Sugar
4 Tbsp Cooking Oil (Approx.)
Chinese Hot Sauce (OPTIONAL)
Thai Basil Leaves (OPTIONAL)

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Mona kaghdo says:

I am eating that right now and I am only eight

Mat Sya says:

Does coconut oil work?

Suman Roy says:

Haven't cooked it yet but I WILL for sure. The manner in which you have displayed the making of the food is class apart! No talking at all and more substance. I am taking this video offline so that I may try it at a later date. Loved it!

sandra chocken says:

Nice and easy thanks

jak po says:

this is def a college dorm cooking……hahahhahahahha

pearly do says:

I made this recipe and it was so good!!! Just add a little bit more of sugar. Thank you so muchh.

Sakshi Bindra says:

this is an amazing dish! I've cooked it several times and relish it each time. thanks for an easy and yummy recipe!

Mridula muraleedhar says:

Can we replace chicken with shrimps

Misty In The Meadow says:

this looks absolutely delicious and I will definitely make it but it doesn't seem really very Thai… Except the coconut milk but what about Thai chilies and fish sauce and lime leaves?

Thomas Kirby says:

this looks great! I have recently started to try Thai green curry. is the red paste spicier?

Evan MacIsaac says:

Thank you!! There are a few instructional videos for red curry, but this was the most straightforward and helpful. Thanks again!!

Nat Nat says:

Is the oil Sesame or Olive?

Ghost says:

can you also simmer this longer?

Fatima Mukaddam says:

TUrned out delicious!

rich english says:

can you make some buffalo wings please

happy gay conservative says:

Sorry, but that brand red curry paste is not good.

Miss Marble says:

Can you suggest a substitute for the red curry paste?

MaKPOPDa says:

Very good recipe! Made this many times and my family enjoyed it everytime I made it 🙂

LoliRoo says:

I'm making this tonight. drools

Chue Xiong says:

Omg, another great dish too! 🙂

Precious Leonard says:

the sugar just put me off completely…asides that, great recipe!!

A Roy says:

can I make this without adding sugar? will it still taste good?

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