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The Screamin’ Festival

Rock’n’Roll Holidays in the Sun!

Screamin’ combines incredible music, unbelievable top DJs and the sea and sun of Calella. Imagine beach parties all day long and Rockin’ music till the wee hours. A week-long vacation that transports you into a relaxed yet wild world of like-minded people from all over the globe.

Where else can you hang-out on the beach all day listening to fantastic music with free BBQ and then dance and drink the night away at any one of many shows. Or, you can lounge by your hotel pool and enjoy all that the town has to offer, then come out to hear great bands, see friends and have a spectacular night out.

During the week the parties are at the beach, local clubs and hotels (all easy walks or short taxi rides) on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, the BIG SHOWs are held at the huge halls of La Fabrica Llobet. That’s where countless bands have performed. Record hops all night long keep you boppin’ and jivin’ till the sun comes up.

The spirit of the festival is one of All are welcome. Bring your cat clothes, drapes, Hawaiian gear or your vintage tee-shirts and Levi’s. Bring your children and your swimsuits. This is the festival where you can be yourself. Tattoos or topless, the warm welcome is the same.

The a small town of Calella is focused on hospitality while still having a thriving local scene. It’s not far from either Barcelona -CBN or Girona – GER airports and the transfers can be easily arranged. Your hotel is clean, comfortable and convenient whatever your price range.

When the wild, wonderful week has sadly come to an end, you won’t want to return home.

Screamin’ has vendors of music, clothing, art and of course hair products. Car show? Of course! 25+ bands? Of course! Retro, vintage, modern – it’s at Screamin’. Rockabilly, R&B, Doo-Wop, Western Swing – it’s at Screamin’. So are your new friends, old lovers and a hell of alot more. Screamin’ is a vacation that you will want to repeat year after year.

It’s not just a weekender, it’s not just a holiday. It’s a place full of the world’s best music, clean sandy beaches and the warmest welcome.

You won’t want to say goodbye.

It’s simply a Rock and Roll oasis in sunny Spain.


Willie Storm says:

Eric Sirias….. I do like german beer and I'm not German and that is a paradox….

Michael Gough says:

takes me back to aberaman phurni rock and roll club

El Toro Records says:

Maybe because the Hispanic population now represents the largest ethnic group (40.57%) in South. Cal. and add to that that they have the best taste in music!!!

Eric Sirias says:

Why do Hispanic people love Rockabilly so much?? In Southern California the Rockabilly scene is 90% Mexican. Which is a complete paradox due to the fact that Rockabilly represents United States Rock n Roll.

Eddie Cesc says:

Fins aviat penyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dj Eddie-Cesc

Fez C says:

do you have to be part of a car club or something to hang out at one of these joints? or is it just a for fun type thing?

Maurice Hickey says:

Hi all , long since i have being at this weekend regards from and Aces Wild 

A.C. Acquafondata says:

was one of the bands i saw ike and the capers?
the one with the lady drummer?

phizgp says:

Tacos Rule!

WildmanBorneo says:

When is the next weekender ?

Driftoid says:

great impressions!! i love this video!

kanervatie says:

Helsinki Runnin' Wild – "Killer Taco Stomp"

pacmanbcn says:

yeaahhh mañana estaremos por aiiii gran festival!!

Nox979 says:

Great Video…Great Song…Great Guests…Great Style…!!!!!!!!

timeanagain says:

Great Video. Who is the lovely young lady playing the drums?

vaughan bindon says:

takes me back to my old teddy boy days – pontlottyn legion

llyse says:

I would have loved to be part of it , super

little boy Arnold says:

No me lo pierdo!! Todos para el Screamin' !!!

El Toro Records says:

Hey Rick, the guitar solo of the intro is from Adam & His Nuclear Rockets and the main song is Killer Taco Stomp from Belgium's Runnin' Wild, check both them ou at

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