Don’t Doubt, Just go to Pattaya…

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Welcome Sir, take a look inside!!!!!!

Something different for todays video, a compilation of clips from recent trips to Pattaya. Some are from upcoming videos so think of this as a kind of trailer for what’s to come…

I get the question very often of where you should holiday in Thailand? Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya?

My answer is always the same, ‘just go to Pattaya’ and forget the rest. By sheer volume of girls and bars Pattaya wins by a mile, plus it’s cheaper too.

Bangkok has the city vibe going on, Phuket has the best beaches and nightclubs so they do have their own merits, but for bars and girls Pattaya is the best for me…

Bars featured in this video, all are reputable places and definitely worth a visit:
0:10 Bachelor Club, LK Metro
0:14 Taboo, Walking Street
0:18 Glass House, Walking Street
0:34 AlcatraZ, Walking Street (now closed)
0:39 Palace, Walking Street
0:43 Iron Club, Walking Street
1:14 Gossip Girl, Soi 7
1:18 PJ DJ Bar, Soi 7
1:22 Shooters Coyote Bar, Soi 7
1:29 Beach Road freelancer
1:39 Sapphire Club, Soi 15 Walking Street
1:44 Insomnia Club, Walking Street
1:53 Mixx Disco, Walking Street
2:13 Country Famous Ladyb0y bar, Walking Street
2:30 Skyfall, Walking Street
2:41 Lucifer Disco, Walking Street
3:19 Mistys, Soi 15 Walking Street
3:28 Windmill, Soi Diamond Walking Street
3:36 Marine Disco, Walking Street
3:53 Bliss, Walking Street
3:57 Fahrenheit, Walking Street
4:36 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar in Patong, Phuket

If you are thinking of booking a Pattaya hotel in the $20-40 range, make sure to read this website post for more info including essential booking tips:

If you are thinking of booking a Pattaya Hotel in the $50+ range then read this website post for essential booking tips: free interactive guides:

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Good Knives – Doubt (DANCE WITH THE DEAD Remix)
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jhughes19851 says:

are there bars where no LBoys are allowed? I dont want to have to worry about making such a tricky distinction when partying… lol

FreK91 says:

the best video ever !!!

TEverettReynolds says:

Great video… what is the name of this song?

fromhatyai says:

Just saw this old video today. It is not really that costly for a trip, lets say from LA or NYC to Thailand,  half of the globe flight, around 20+ hours,    flight is only  US $800.  Hotel + food/drink + entertainment + miscellaneous is roughly  US $ 140 per day for  mid-range budgeting.            For a two-week trip with 12 full days in Thailand,  it is 12 x 140 + 800 coming to US $ 2,500 total.    Going for 2 week,  one can stay 3 days BKK and 9 days Pattaya where  everything is cheaper and more casual.

evil ISIS says:

how much per night for the one like this 0:20

xiaguan whisky says:

make love not war comes to mind. … maybe our world leaders need to get laid and come back to their senses.
look at the girls.. what else do we need in the world expect health and food.

Manish Roy Amit says:

Bangkok 112 you are my favourite you tuber

Josh Varghese says:

I should have gone to Pattaya and not wasted my time in Patong!

Denny Law says:

The guys are drunk and so they can't notice that the girls are not pretty at all except for one or two out of every 100. Just not fun and way too much money to be treated like a sucker. Poor place to go.

A RaysFan says:

with the music probably my favorite Pattaya video.

Daniel Edwardsen says:

The playground of freedom for sure 😂😊😊😂😂😍

Gilgit Baltistan says:

Rocking sound track

fyshfysh says:

fantastic video and awesome music, brilliant stuff. must have taken ages to put together.

Renjith Cm says:

I love pattaya Vlog….

Renjith Cm says:

I love pattaya

Jus Badd says:

i love these videos.. lol

Ian Jenkins says:

Nice one mate … I have so got to go there !!

Gary Friend says:

Awesome music. What song and artist is it?

Eddy Haryanto says:

so many Lady Boys here.

John Saplur says:

Don't Doubt, Just go to Hell…

Majid Norozpour Hanzaei says:


jay Lerd33 says:

Name of song in the video please?

张凌霄 says:


G YamBal says:

I'm definitely marrying a prostitute. I will give her unconditional love and I will be faithful to her. Pattaya here I come, baby.

Mike Allan says:

it is a sewer and smells like one too.. filled with the biggest degenerates on earth.. and those are the tourist! take a lot of money if you go

Master Roshi says:

04:07 and 04:14 that's a good ass 🍑

Dean R says:

This soundtrack is ace

IronHide Orian says:

So whats happening now with all the new closing times at 3am and everything opening at 6pm is that still happening?

fly guy wales says:

Actually a really useful compilation and accurate as been a few times to Pattaya. Cheers

Shkumbin Ibraimi says:

so cool place 🙂

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