Dining on The Rocks Koh Samui

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Known for it’s uniqueness and exquisite cuisine, Dining on the Rocks is a fascinating restaurant where guests can experience a new way of dining under the stars. Dining on the Rocks is currently one of Samui’s most popular restaurants to visit and has recently become a well known favorite among food lovers. Tourists as well as locals all come to witness first hand the absolutely stunning view that overlooks the Samrong Bay. Beautifully located in Plai Laem at Six Senses Hideaway Resort and conveniently located only 20 minutes away from Samui’s International Airport. Making Dining on the Rocks easily accessible for anyone looking to experience the elegance of Koh Samui.

The ideal time to visit Dining on the Rocks is just before sunset, where guests can really appreciate the scenery of the restaurant’s atmosphere. This restaurant takes pride in it’s stunning 270 degree view of Samrong Bay and features an intricate work of platforms and terraces, all linked together by luxurious walkways. Due to a limited amount of availability in seating per area, Dining on the Rocks offers a secluded and romantic dining experience for those looking to treat their special someone.

The view at Dining on the Rocks is truly phenomenal. Guests will view the island of Koh Phangan on the left and the tranquil waters of the Samrong Bay on the right. No matter where you look, you will surely be in awe. Dining on the Rocks is all about exotic minimalism. The dominant material of the interior is wood, mainly bamboo and teak giving the ambience a very naturalistic feel. Guests have a choice between the usual chair-table dining or enjoying a more relaxing and casual meal along their terrace seating.

Of course Dining on the Rocks is also very popular because of its gastronomic offerings. The restaurant was known to offer New Asian Cuisine during its early years. Now, the food has been taken to the next level with the arrival of a new head chef, Mark Krueger. Familiar Asian favorites have been tweaked and given a new twist to give food lovers an original yet exciting taste. While the bold flavors and the brilliant presentations genuinely entice any guest’s palate as well as their imagination.

For more information about Dining on The Rocks Koh Samui, visit https://www.samuirestaurantguide.com/dining-on-the-rocks/ and to make a reservation, please call +66 7724 5678.


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