Devils Den VIP Bus – A Unique Experience. Bangkok to Pattaya & Pattaya to Bangkok

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Devils Den can be found on Soi LK Metro in Pattaya Thailand. Devils Den VIP Bus is a one of a kind experience. The VIP bus will pick you up at your location and deliver you to your location in the company of 2 or more beautiful thai girls.

The VIP Bus has been fully customized and include 2 large VIP style seats, a semi reclinable 3 seater, stereo and on board refrigerator. The windows have been blacked out and there is a retractable window separating the driver and passengers for complete privacy.

Devils Den caters for everyone. Single men, Single Women and couples are welcome.

Choose to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya, or Pattaya to Bangkok in true style.

Contact the Devils Den to discuss your “route”.

They also offer an inhouse experience for those already in Pattaya and don’t have a need for this VIP Bus. Goto Soi LK Metro and you will find them.

Devils Den website:

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djguy100 says:

Visited DD last time I was in Pattaya. If you want a fun amazing experience with 2 hot girls then I highly recommend it.

r w says:

Dude, the chick on the left is superb. She is a absolute stunner mate.

carlos molina says:

i follow u.
like your manila vieos.
blessings from Mexico. bye

carlos molina says:

i really enjoyeded this vídeo!
one day, ill be there

Jay H says:

Just Paeng. But would enjoy the ride!

Phill On The Run says:

I have just returned from my trip to Thailand where i booked this VIP party bus from Bangkok airport to my hotel in Pattaya. Once you disembark your aircraft there are 2 airport officials waiting for you with a sign with your name and a golf cart style vehicle waiting for you. These 2 airport officials will drive you in your golf cart through the airport straight to immigration and passport control avoiding the long walk and the que of other passengers lining up to get checked. Once you get your passport checked the airport official will stay with you to pick up any checked in luggage you may have and then take you to the outside meeting point where the Devils Den VIP bus will be waiting or not far away. Once i got inside the 2 lovely ladies accompanied me from the airport to my hotel in Pattaya and i must say it was an experience i will never forget. I highly recommend this service to single guys like myself , its well worth it. A big thank you to the staff and the lovely ladies at The Devils Den Pattaya for making this trip a memorable 1. Cheers guys

狩人ハンター says:

dead faramg picture funny hahaha.

private pile says:

sweet im guna use this soon

David S says:

Devil's Den… Deffo on my bucket list….

ian cochrane says:

liking the videos boss. new subscriber scotland.

Cleison Ribeiro da Costa says:

Really it is very beautiful Thai in the VIP Bus.

MikeM0615 says:

I want to ride from Bangkok airport to the Penthouse Hotel in Pattaya!

Brummie Brink says:

are they long ti me do french kiss dead farang? looks perfect they pick up me from the airport

Shane Cashman says:

I have been the DD
but the bus to airport or airport to pattaya I still can not find out what you can do all can not do in bus…?
what will the girls do in bus for that 15,000 / 12,000 bart ?

mashinajoe says:

lol ha ha ha ha ha

Jeff Mohler says:

Ok..let me as you this DD. Can you arrange Lounge Service leaving the airport to get a shower and change clothes?

That would mean a lot..towards booking this service.

I arrive on the 13th…

David Lemieux says:

Here is a link to most of our YouTube videos, Enjoy!

Bob Smith says:

i don't think i'd have the energy for 2 women straight after a 13 hour flight, just want to get to hotel and have a cool beer, maybe better to wait til later and go their place in LK

scooby 73 says:

If you haven't  done devils den then you haven't done pattaya….  do the bars, do the gogo`s…  then get yourself down LK Metro to devils……. I promise you, you will wish you went there earlier  🙂

killersushi99 says:

Higher mileage? Girls or the bus?? XD

steven deen says:

Is the cost for couples the same for singles???

HassanLuv78 says:

Always wanted to check this place out….Come November, Devil's Den it is

Peter Kleimeyer says:

Can you actually fool about as in bj/sex on the bus?

David Lemieux says:
We are now offering the Devil's Den VIP Bus from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport at a special rate. Due to there being no waiting time, parking fees or VIP meet and greet charges, we are able to offer this outstanding service at a discounted rate for our clients. If you would like to choose your very own travel attendants the price is 15,000 baht, but if you permit us to choose the ladies we can offer a 3,000 baht discount allowing you to take advantage of this entirely unique experience for just 12,000 baht. This rate is only offered from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Carter says:

1:03 Is that 'two routes' or 'two roots'??

David Lemieux says:

+Dead Farang Thanks for the great video!!!

MegaJohnconrad says:

What's the price?

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