Day & Night in Pattaya City – Vlog 218

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Day & Night in Pattaya City – Vlog 218

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A video of a day and night in Pattaya, Thailand. This video starts at Soi Buakhao, then I went to the beach, then back to Soi Buakhao and finally onto Walking Street (with some footage from the next day).

Parts of this video include:

0:04 Soi Buakhao R-Con market
0:53 Having a beer at the Easy Corner bar, where the terribly dangerous Soi Buakhao chicane is
5:06 Random shots from near Tonys Fitness is located
7:07 Mototaxi ride to Beach Road, 40 baht
10:57 Checking out the beach in front of Soi 8
16:08 Wave hotel
16:40 Serenotel
17:02 Beach Road at dusk
19:16 Tahitian Queen, excellent old school girlie bar
19:42 Soi Diana
20:34 Baht bus ride along Soi Buakhao to the Walking Street drop off point
22:35 Map of baht bus ride
22:45 Heading on foot along South Pattaya Road to the start of Walking Street
26:07 The next day recovering at the beach
27:12 Fruit seller trying to rip me off for 10 baht. The manner in which he gave the change back tells you everything. I confirmed before that the mango was 40 baht and the red dragon fruit was 30 baht, and he tried to short change me. Just a small scam but they all count…
28:24 Outro

NB: I’m behind on the edits again and this video was shot in October of 2017, which is still considered the low season in Pattaya (High season is Nov – Apr, low season is May – Oct).

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1st song
Ruso – Lost in Confidence

2nd song

3rd song
Mickeen – Different Story

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hansum man says:

additional: if yes, should 112 be allowed, to book a happy ending massage on our patreon costs…

Paul Sinnott says:

Great vlog 👍👍

LacViet says:

I know why you chose the beach road freelancer as your thumbnail, she's hot. Not your typical freelancer. Nice fake nom yai.

nig noice says:

18:46 woman in green <3

Garden City says:

You fogot to mention that you woke up with strange "lady" a this unknown hotel!

luis antonio diaz lozada says:

Ok one question,is better to take a freelancer to hang out or a go go bar late night?

Brummie Brink says:

Fantastic video Bangkok 112. Very good work. I always like your videos. Thanks men.

Mohd Razali says:

the ocean look rubbish nobody care…

Pando says:

Watching the beach shots makes me want to grab a long rake and bunch of friends and get to work. It's too beautiful to be so dirty and polluted.

Spicydurian says:

Very dirty beach…too many drunk farangs " forget" to bring the trash to the bin.

jaymeez says:

This was a trip down memory lane of my first trip 😊

majestik101 says:

I never want your videos to end. There's always something new and different. Amazing work as always.

Blu Rox22 Js5 says:

woke up in a random hotel 😉 lucky you didn't wake up with a random ladyboy in your arms 😂

MarineCorpsRetired 1 says:

Great video bud thanks 🍻

matt rees says:

does that much "shit" wash up on the beach everyday? never been to Pattaya only Phuket and what I saw was not that bad though I was there for golf mainly

David Massiah says:

Hello Bangkok 112, Where can I get more info about renting a condo for 2 weeks in Pattaya close to the beach and in the heart of things

BishouNoTeresa says:

What does it mean: "to give everyone the low down"?

Joe Hill says:

Look at all those twats ready for shagging! My kinda vacation!

Howard Neely says:

I shall be there in 3 weeks to continue my love, hate relationship with Pattaya.But I do love it when you first see the city from a distance all lit up in blue led lights, the peering faces in bars as my taxi negotiates Soi Honey after a year away, and the smell of streetfood and sex.

Jack Tilley says:

What a gaff, three weeks till another trip..roll on

Lynne Morris says:

Why are people so dirty leaving there rubbish on the beach ?

Isehaq Ismaeli says:

amazing work 112.

ed china says:

nice video 112,im sure they are getting you live in pattaya now?

taza98 says:

Great vlog and brought back a lot of memories for me. I've been going to pattaya since 1998.

redd bull76 says:

Romania-i la putere 🙂 (Y)

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