Conrad Koh Samui vs Six Senses Hotel

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Just checked out this cozy hotels. Which hotel you would choose?

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Pro Quant says:

When's next webinar is coming?

Michael McGee says:

BOTH!!! I AGREE WITH THE COMMENTER BELOW (SHES MY WIFE HAHAHA) I LOVE THE SECOND ONE A LOT AND I REALLY LIKE THE FIRST…..NAVIN thank you for being such an awesome mentor and I know I will be in these places to meet and hang with you and Lucille and the team….my wife and I cant wait to travel with you all. See ya in Elite brotha!!

Cecily McGee says:

Both! LOL. But the second one seems more relaxing to me, with the wooded decor and all. Love the in ground tub in the Six Senses 😊 Thanks for sharing and congrats!!!!

Boris Buranj says:

Can I choose both? Or am I needed greedy 😛 😀

Chris Caldwell says:

I would choose any of those places lol. I'm in the desert ! Arizona to be exact!

dream big says:

Just beautifull happy for you bro 👍 one day Will be my turn☺

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