Coconut Ball (Thai Traditional Dessert) – Ka Nom Tom (ขนมต้ม)

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Coconut Ball (Thai Traditional Dessert) – Ka Nom Tom (ขนมต้ม) [4K]

A Traditional Thai dessert since the Sukhothai period, a popular Thai dessert which made up for many Thai ceremonies. Steamed glutinous rice flour wrapped in sweet coconut stuffed which stirring until smooth and delicious, then boil until done, finally mix well with coconut.

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Betty Aunty's Kitchen says:

I m also from burma Taunggyi i pls show some veg dishes without fish sauce

paj thao says:


mai vang says:

I would like to see a video of how to make Thai crispy donuts recipe

Lana Rose says:

Thanks for the recipe, it looks delicious!

Chheng Ros says:

Playeyez! Cambodian sugar palm ball! That one of my favorite Cambodian cold dish!

Nijar Sultana says:

can I steam them if yes please tell me how long should I steam them for

Dani amp says:

so is this similiar to (same as) mochi?

Niwast Brekness says:

Wow yummy W R Tv you The Best thank👍👍👍👍😄

Noor Gareh says:

Wow amazing thank you I am going to try them👍👍👍

VelvetGal5 says:

I love Thai desserts. Ka Nom Tom aka Thai coconut balls are one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week!

Artbug says:

That was so cool… I really need to add glutinous rice flour to my pantry!

hian louw says:

Thai desserts are the best…

Jade & Alisson says:

hello you can give me the website where you buy your ustensil for coconut thank you

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