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CHIANG MAI, THAILAND — A group of Chinese tourists were caught on camera shoveling large amounts of prawns onto their plates.

The video showed the tourists climbing over each other at a hotel buffet in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in order to fill their plates with seafood. Most were employing multiple plates, using one plate to scoop food onto another, while other used their hands. Some walked away with three or four plates at a time.

Afterwards, photos were taken of the leftover food. Most of what was taken was left uneaten, prompting netizens to criticize the behaviour of the greedy tourists.

Most people said the behavior was shameful and lacked proper etiquette. Some were embarrassed by the behavior while others simply stated, “That is Chinese.”


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kim says:

Hongkong, Taiwanese, Macau don’t want to be part of China for a reason. It perfectly make sense!

Kimchi Buster says:

After all Chinese are hated even if millions of Chink 50 cent soldiers are using fake nationalities and spreading propaganda on YouTube.
Because Chinese are savage in reality. People are living in reality not virtual world.

Grey Jedi says:

whats wong….. 😛

Fepi Tiger says:

I wanna say to Chinese tourists "You are not Gods".
In japan, many Chinese tourists make troubles in sightseeing spots.
for example, feeding papers for deers, eating food before cashing and refusing to buy.

Russeljohn Vicente says:

Is their fist time to saw food😂😂😂

velveetaslingshot says:

Say goodbye to buffets in thailand!

Sunny Hu says:

We don't like them oops I am still one Chinese girl…

Muchamad Chafid Wahyudi says:

What a manner….. Realy suck

Leonardl LIM says:

You shouls be clear when publish it. They are Chinese from China. Not just Chinese. Bitch!

Kenneth Magnussen says:

Kiasu to the max…. lmao

balluumm1 says:

It is disgusting, but it is also typical Chinese behaviour. They don't give a shit about what they take or what they waste. They wouldn't allow this behaviour in China.

riselotus says:

Mainland china eat pig out style !!!

ToyBear LA says:

hi guys comments blow happy to see to fuck you all but it's not end,instead it's just started fuck you guys all the time I don't care what you say you want,it's your freedom,WE DO WHAT WE WANT,IT'S OUR TIME

hdzjsjsjdhuz says:

The Chinese are absolutely disgusting in every way. Filthy, inconsiderate, disrespectful monkey's. Bunch of savages.

Syafiq Salim says:

they always greedy in anything..very bad attitude..banned them

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