Chef McDang – Eating Thailand Episode 01

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Travel through the beautiful province of Issarn, with Chef McDang, and learn what makes it’s countryside, people, cuisine and culture so special!

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Rubel Miya says:

hi chef I'm chef

Joltmann07 says:

I'm here because of Mr. Ramsey, the greatest cook of the 21st century. I cant believe people eat that nasty fermented fish…. i dont even like vegetables….

Mr12345678cool Gurung says:

good job dang!!!

Muhammad Mahnoor says:

I'm here because of Gordon Ramsay

Muhammad Mahnoor says:

I'm here because of Gordon Ramsay

Meena Paleekhan says:

I think the fish in Oom is Cat Fish ปลาดุก not Snake Head Fish ปลาช่อน??? 😊

Graham Wilson says:

unbelievable video Mcdang,  fermented foods have been around for a long long time and the health benefits of this kind of food needs to be appreciated….I bet these people are healthy and happy …….as you know the smell cooks out and the flavours are amazing …thanks mate I deeply appreciate your videos ….

Graham Wilson says:

ha ha ha lady fermented crab…smell like pla ra ?

Tyler Thomas says:

I wonder what vegan gains would think of all those dead fish.

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