chef at home thai food part 1

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i borrowd the first 2:30 mins from malluchef so the 1st 2mins 30secs are dedicated 2 him…

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loki katzbalger says:

Paul rudd is that you?

Tyler Ellis says:

7:52 Awww yeah fuckin delicious!

Gregory M says:

I still cant get over ("a wack of flavor"LOL)

zelen plav says:

Why does he put sugar or molasses in his food and dressings? To balance? It's a big turn off for me.

Mikey Savelli says:


Keirra and Khevyn Lynch says:

Chef Michael blueberry salad

Charles BURANASINGHA says:

"Kaffir lime leaves"…Not Lime leaves

punk1960s says:

I feel sorry for Thailand when someone cook the food on his own way and can it as THAI FOOD all the time. No offense, but this guy doesn't know how to cook Thai food and it pisses me off.

faishol mfazi says:

Expert Chef

Sun Thathong says:

Interesting video, but some misconceptions here: (1) the solid part in the coconut milk can is NOT solidified coconut oil! coconut oil and coconut milk are different things; the milk is created from crushing coconut MEAT with water; the white bits are actually ground coconut MEAT, not OIL. (2) the curry paste does NOT have ginger in it, but GALANGAL which looks very similar but tastes very different; (3) We do NOT use lime leaves in our cuisine, we use KAFFIR lime leaves (Bergamot).

KingInternet10 says:

@pbee73 he looks like he just saw a dead body in his pantry

pbee73 says:

LMAO @ 9:26 his facial expression when he is leaving the pantry…. Its a 1 second shot so dont blink!

Walt White says:

I got a chance to meet this guy at my culinary school. The way he talks in real life is completely different, dropping f bombs and other swears.

Andrew Muir says:

I love this Chef. He is so down to earth and he isn't arrogant at all.

Adam Cotton says:

This guy is good, but WHY THE FUCK does he speak to us like we're children. It's unbearable! It's maniacal!

shiro lala says:

he was very good in sharing beautiful tips and knowledge @ every ingredient he use….a very informative chef…my favorite chef. thanks 4 uploading this vid.

sheasy2002 says:

I am making that ginger ale tonight!

sheasy2002 says:

Loved Loved Loved Chef at home!

Frostfire613 says:

man i LOVE thai food… SOOOOO GOOOD, mainly cuz i'm thai LOL

dmwcany says:

Thanks for posting this video…..they no longer show this in LA……wish they did.

rtask says:

is that fish sauce called cock??

11you11 says:

was this shot in halifax?

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