Cheapest and safest way from Bangkok airport to Pattaya with Bell Travel

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Cheapest and safest way from Bangkok airport to Pattaya with Bell Travel.
I will show you how to find the bell travel office at the airport and at the north Pattaya bus station.
Also how to make an online booking.
Next to the desk of bell travel you can find a cheap food court. also on level 1 gate 8 from the airport.

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Freddy-Goes says:

Today, I do this. Per your recommendation. 😬😉

You Are Dead says:

That was a helpful video. I used 12goasia to book a car from Glassflower for airport transit, which was about $40 USD (each way). This is quite a bit less expensive! Thanks for the info!

Vince McMahon says:

wots a fideo

Barun Bhattacharya says:

What Airport you are talking about ?? There are few Airport in Bangkok…gandu…

Harry inHuaHin says:

I've used this service twice in the last 8 months, arriving in Pattaya at about 4:00 PM – both times their minibuses weren't running and I had to take a 50 baht 'songteou'. Plus they also charge a 50 baht premium when booking online…
Other than that the buses themselves were great.

sankalp chhabra says:

Really helpful video steff after seen this i have used this bell Survice before now iam going to booked it again 👍👍

MyJily says:

When ordering a ticket from home, are you showing it to the Bell counter?
what do i i do to book a return ticket from Pattaya to the airport?

رافع الرايه says:

thanks man for your help

gk10002000 says:

The cheap food court is great! I love going there while waiting for a bus. All the airline people and workers eat there, so it is busy and food is therefore pretty fresh. Good price. A good welcoming into thailand

gk10002000 says:

bell travel was the best. I used them many times. But then they made you book online. At first just had to reserve on line, then you had to pay on line. I don't pay for a bus by using my credit card online. So they lost my business. At BKK you can not walk up to the counter and buy a ticket.

Nilesh Shah says:

Is this physically challenged friendly ?

easy to climb for person who walk with crutches or wheel chair ?

rene Deloach says:

good vidios

rene Deloach says:

great vidios

T Dempsey says:

Great video very helpful video I'm going in June well done with this video.

Dervin DX says:

verry verry interesting information ! tnx soo much mate !

Peter Harrison says:

Thanks for the info, i`m flying over in May, and will use this service. i see you have a lot of tnterest from Thaifreindly 🙂

Larry Deshner says:

My plane arrives Bangkok 1130 at night am I forced to take a cab to Pattaya or are the buses are still running

sandy moonstone says:

. 🐘 สวัสดี ครับ I like Bell Bangkok to Pattaya . Do I NEED to reserve ? 🐘

Ian Pearson says:

what camera is this the quality is superb.

Pumpui Falang says:

I love Bell Travel Service, i always stay at a hotel they service, 240 baht including hotel transfer and extra large bag, cant beat that price

Оксана says:

Please tell me on your video are mini-vans and on the glass list of hotels in which it is necessary to deliver the passengers of the bus? How did they know this information about hotels? You are talking about your hotel, when you buy a ticket?

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