Cheap Pattaya hotels $18. Soi 7 / Beach road – Eastiny Seven

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Notice : All prices are approximate.
Prices can vary significantly depending on the reservation systems, high and low season, the number of remaining rooms, etc.

Eastiny Seven hotel
Address: 1/94 Pattaya Beach Road, Soi 7, Pattaya City, 20150 Pattaya Central, Thailand
Google maps: 12.936496, 100.884584
Rank 3***
Rating 7.1
Rating Agoda 7.1
Swimming pool
Location: Soi 7 / Beach road Pattaya Thailand
Price category: under $30

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John Campbell says:

10years ago Eastiny Hotels the best now complete shitholes 💩💩💩💩

Nilesh Shah says:

Is this with breakfast included in the price mentioned for two people with Wi-Fim

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